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Family Birthday Calendar {update}

I've been posting pics and sneak peeks of this for a month, and now it's done! It's finally done!!! (sort of) But done enough for an update!

My sister-in-laws and I all made calendars at our annual family cabin trip, and it was a blast! Since we have such a big family, this was the perfect craft for us to tackle. And now I can finally remember everyone's birthdays and anniversaries.

I made one too when we got home, and tweakity tweaked it just a bit.
(yeah, I'm being a paranoid internet user and photoshopping out my entire family's birthdays :)

I think it's beautiful! but, man, some crafts just take I felt like I was beating it into submission the entire time.

It was fraught with complications and set backs, mostly due to my inability to be a Silhouette Jedi Master. I love this thing, but right now it don't love me back.

I'll be back on Monday with more pics, and the full tutorial!

Have a great weekend!

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