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BabyRagz Giveaway!

BabyRagz super stylish burp cloths! giving away 2 plus free shipping! Enter by 4/17/14! at myclevernest
What's worse than being barfed on and it pooling in your nursing bra? Oh, I don't know, maybe finding DRIED pooled barf in your nursing bra half a day later.

It's a full blow celebration of bodily fluids over here, ya'all. Postpartum has got to be the soggiest time of one's life. Yesterday I changed Evan's outfit 4 times in one hour (4 barfs and 1 poop up to his shoulder blades in case you were wondering), and mine twice (I didn't poop or barf on myself for the record). Throw together a barfing, peeing, pooping newborn and a night sweating, leaking ladies Mama, and what do you get? 14 loads of laundry and 10 showers every day (that's the kind of math problem they ought to make kids do these days). And top that with my body changing 20 sizes in all directions in one month, and I'm lucky to find a single outfit to wear.

Time for a Giveaway!
If you're going to barf, I say, at least do it in style. And there's no better way than with these burp cloths by BabyRagz! I never thought I'd use words like "posh" or "chic" in relation to a burp cloth, but dayng, these are no ordinary drool catchers!

Call me hormonal, but these have got to be the cutest invention ever! *bursts into tears, grabs and kisses baby, goes to freezer for 4ths of ice cream.

And the best part is that they snap open into a regular burp cloth so you can use it both ways.

I have two and they are incredibly soft:) Keri of BabyRagz is giving away 2 burp cloths of your choice + free shipping to one lucky winner! Open to US residents. Winner will be announced Saturday, April 19th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Check out all Keri's designs at her Etsy shop here. And if you enter CLEVER15, you'll recieve 15% off your order in April!

Good luck! and have a great weekend!

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