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Adorable Keepsake: Baby's First Poo

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Super cute way to save that first poopy diaper! #baby #maternity #nursery #clevernest
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If you haven't already read the news, we welcomed our 2nd son, Evan Joel into the world on March 16th!
creative and easy: save that first poo! #baby #newborn #maternity #clevernest

creative and easy: save that first poo! #baby #newborn #maternity #clevernest

He is so healthy, and fun, and adorable, and so completely different than big brother Andrew, and we are in love! As 2nd born, I wanted to make sure I commemorate his "firsts" in a special way. And especially his first soiled diaper!

Baby's First Pooed Diaper Keepsake
  • 1st Poopy diaper! (happened to be a Huggies brand)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Frame
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Lettering
Evan did his first official poo at the hospital. I had come prepared and carefully placed it into an odor blocking baggie, to save and take home with us later.
Don't throw out that first diaper! Turn it into a precious keepsake #baby #nursery #newborn #maternity #clevernest

Don't throw out that first diaper! Turn it into a precious keepsake #baby #nursery #newborn #maternity #clevernest

One of the nurses saw what I was doing and asked me about it. When I told her my craft plans she looked like she didn't know what to say! I don't think she'd seen anyone do something so creative with a #2 number one. Can you believe they usually get tossed in the trash!?

Once we got home and settled, I laid it outside for a day or two so the sun could bleach it and sanitize it (I've read that this works on Pinterest).
How to sanitize that first poopy diaper, to make a precious keepsake with #baby #nursery #newborn #maternity #clevernest

On the first day, a neighborhood cat tried to drag it away, but caught him in the act, and set it back. On the second day some birds were pretty interested in it and almost ruined it! I suppose I could have used the 2nd poopy diaper, but that just wouldn't have been the same. Thankfully I brought it in unharmed.

On day three I gave it a few coats of gold spray paint, inside and out. The spray paint seemed to seal in the poo, almost acting like bronzing baby shoes.
How to sanitize and seal that first precious poopy diaper! Neat

How to sanitize and seal that first precious poopy diaper! Neat

Now it's completely sanitary! I held it to my nose and gave it a few hearty sniffs. No odor, just the pleasant smell of spray paint.

I hot glued it to and old frame I had lying around, and added colorful scrapbook paper with the words, "Baby's first Diaper" along with the date. Now we will always remember this big milestone!
Unique way to save that first precious poopy diaper #clevernest #baby #newborn #nursery

I plan to hang it in the boys' room along with some other art.
Unique way to save that first precious poopy diaper #clevernest #baby #newborn #nursery

Unique way to save that first precious poopy diaper #clevernest #baby #newborn #nursery

What do you think of my cute keepsake? I love it! Newborn diapers are so tiny and sweet, especially the first one. This will be such a sweet reminder of how little his buns once were, and how tiny his poops!

How do you commemorate your baby's "firsts"?



  1. Thank you, BusyBee Emily, for reminding me what day it is!!! I kept thinking, "But...WHY?!"

    You definitely had me fooled. :)

  2. I hope this is an April fools joke lol

  3. If this is an April Fool's joke, then we need to be best friends because I admire the ability to take a joke THAT SERIOUSLY to the nth degree (with photos!). But if you're serious, we still need to be besties because everyone needs a delightfully off friend - and I think I can be that friend to you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, please please don't think I'm bonkers, hehe, happy April Fools. (I guess I am a little bonkers to go to the nth degree with a fake poo bombed diaper). And I'll take you up on the besties offer, I have mad respect for your shenanigans, lady!

  4. ahhh you got me! I was like is she crazy? HAHHAHA! :)

  5. I really thought you had lost your mind. Good one.

  6. Be sure to see my "special update" to this post!


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