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A New little Bunchkin

On March 16th we welcomed our newest addition to the Clever Nest design team, Evan!

I went into pre labor three days before, and I was having some lovely contractions while I was attempting to finish this project! 

Nothing like applying vinyl anchors to take one's mind off of imminent labor! Thankfully about 6 hours after I finished my last anchor, real labor started. We called my parents to come and pick up Andrew, and we headed to the hospital.

Fast forward roughly 14 hours, and ta da!!
Well, not exactly that easy, but alls well that ends well, right? We were so blessed that Evan was so healthy, and I came through it just fine too.

Our new family of FOUR! So happy to have these guys in my life!

My parents came to visit us at the hospital and brought Andrew to meet his new little brother. He was so sweet and gentle to him. I love this picture:) 

My two boys<3

Jason was stellar, as usual. I could not do it without this guy. Love you, Babe :)

Evan felt very festive for St. Patrick's Day. He dressed up!

Life is good! We are adjusting to our new life, new (or lack thereof) sleep schedule, and new ways of going to the grocery store with a toddler and an infant!

Have a great weekend :)

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