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Day After Bargains- a report from the front lines

I just got back from an endorphin inducing, glitter covered, elbow deep hunt for discount Christmas decor!
oh the glitter!

This has become a tradition of mine, every December 26th I hit the stores early to snag some goods for next year, and saving a bunch of money in the process! While most stores are only offering 50% off holiday stuff today*, in a couple weeks they'll be down to 70-90% off. Woo hoo!

*scroll down to see the best discounts, and where to get what!

My Haul
Today I hit 7 stores (so far)- Walmart, Home Depot, Pier 1, Michael's, Joann's Fabric, and two Targets. I spent a total of $35 (plus $12 on a gift card). I didn't actually purchase something at every store. Here's what I scored!

Pre discount and gift card I would have spent $136 for the same stuff!! That's a savings of $101. Oh yeah:) And now the deets.
from Target: teal wrapping paper, silver bird ornaments, silver tinsel,  blue bells, silver snowflake ornaments
from Walmart: pack of teal ornaments, pack of clear glass ornaments,  lime starburst ornaments (that remind me of sea urchins!), candycanes,  lime "sun" ornament, gold frame ornament
from Michael's: lime and black ribbon, teal poinsettias, pine branch, teal "seaweed" silver charger, silver leaf wreath
from Joann's Fabric: "coloring book" wrapping paper, white owl, teal peacock clip on ornament

And the Award goes To-
Some interesting observations from my travels.
Most crowded- Pier One. The line was to the back door!
Most selection- Target and Walmart
Most discounted- Joann's Fabric (70% off, plus additional 30% off), and Michael's (80% off holiday floral)
Most Justin Beiber ornaments- Target

Where to get What
Here's what I found as far as discounts and selection at these stores.

Joann's Fabric, Buena Park
70% off, plus additional 30% off! The one I went to in Buena Park was pretty cleaned out. Still some floral and cute ornaments left. I'm hoping to hit the Ontario one this weekend and find more stuff!

Michael's, Brea
50%-80% off. Lots of garlands, plain wreaths, the "glitter bins" (multicolored ornaments and foliage)

Target, Brea, Yorba Linda
50% off. I went to 2 in north OC. Offering a good selection of wrapping stuff, lights, tree toppers.

Walmart, Brea
50% off. Good selection of wrapping stuff,  glitter ornaments, bulb ornament sets, and lights.

Pier One, Brea
50% off. Plenty of table linens, cute ornaments

Home Depot, Brea
40% off (come on Home Depot!) Still a nice place to pick up Martha stuff.

I haven't even hit Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar Tree yet. :) I'll keep you updated with the current discounts as the weeks progress. LEAVE A COMMENT and let us know what the stores are offering in your area!

How to Get Even More out of Post Season Bargains
Use my 3 R's to make out like a wicked elf this week!

WRapping supplies
I stock up on a year's worth of wrapping supplies, especially tissue paper and packs of those white boxes. I look for designs in white, silver, or other non "Christmas" shouting colors and patterns and use them for birthdays, weddings, and all other gifts throughout the year.

Year Round decor
I try to think shape not color. If something got a fresh coat of paint, could it work as a new addition to my everyday decor? Whites and metals are also a safe bet to sneak in regular decorating, and don't shout "Christmas".

Green items could be used for St. Patrick's Day, red items for the 4th of July, black items for New Year's or Halloween. Star shapes work for almost all holidays! A bunch of clear glass bulbs could make a killer chandelier or art piece.

Happy Day after Christmas! If only the Wise Men had waited one day, imagine how much more gold, frankincense, and myrr they could have gotten?!?

kidding, kidding. Even I know frankincense never goes on sale.

Are we fb friends yet??? why the heck not?!:)
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