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BIG news for Clever Nest- You won't want to miss!

In a few weeks we'll be celebrating Andrew's 2nd birthday (how did that happen??). And now we have something else to celebrate around here.


Ready for it?


We are preggers!!

So excited!! :) I'm 13 weeks along, just finished out the first trimester. We decided to wait a bit before telling the world, but now the secret's out and there's a bun in this oven!

We started documenting each month with a picture, just like we did when I was pregnant with Andrew. Here I am at 1 month and 2 months.

I'm still fitting in normal clothes so far, but opting for the looser t's and slightly roomier shorts. I'm so glad I get to be pregnant in the WINTER this time instead of the blazing hot California summer! (I had Andrew in September, and melted my way through the third trimester in 100 degree plus weather.)

How we told our families
For my family, we tried teaching Andrew, somewhat successfully, to point to my tummy when we asked him, "where's the baby?". Although he didn't have a perfect track record, sometimes pointing to certain other round parts of my anatomy, or going over to Daddy's stomach and pointing proudly there, we went for it, and he came through! We were hanging out in my parents' kitchen, and when the moment was right I asked Andrew, "Andrew, where's the baby?". After a quick point to the general area of my stomach by Andrew, we said, "we're pregnant!". They were surprised! :)

For Jason's family, we told them on our Big Bear cabin trip in August. I bought Andrew this shirt from Etsy

and put Andrew in it when we showed up to the cabin. It was fun because people noticed it one by one (there were 20 of us), so we had an extended session of congratulations. Some family didn't arrive 'til late at night, so we were still surprising people the next morning! Jason's parents and youngest siblings are missionaries in Argentina, so I Facebooked them this picture to share our news:
(this pic says March 14, but my OB changed it to the 17th)

Boy or Girl?
We don't know! I definitely can't wait to find out. If I had to guess, I'm betting on another bouncing boy. Jason has 5 brothers, and I have 2 so the odds aren't exactly in favor of a girl. I'd love a girl, someday, but I'd be totally ok with another boy. Andrew could have a little brother to play with!

Feelin' good
I feel great! This pregnancy is totally different than with Andrew. With him I had morning sickness a lot during the 1st trimester. With this one, just a few twinges here and there, but I'd say I'm 90% nausea free, yipee! One negative is that my skin has taken a cue from it's Jr. High days and is majorly breaking out. I'm hungry all the time, and having crazy dreams. Like for reals, I should tell you some of them sometime!

  • Artichoke hearts (anyone else craved this??)
  • Sprite (the sugar makes me jittery so I've started subbing with flavored sparkling water)
  • Lemon Icees
What does Andrew think?
We've told him there's a baby in Mommy's tummy, but he definitely doesn't get what's going on. He'll only be 2 1/2 by the time Baby comes, so his first realization that things are changing might be the day he meets his little sibling!

Where will Baby sleep?
My current thought is to put him or her in with Andrew when they're old enough. We have another bedroom, but we've turned that into a guest room, and I'd like to hang onto it as long as possible! Who knows though, they might be terrible roommates and need their own space to sleep. But that's the plan as of now. We shall see!

There you have it! Is there anything I forgot to cover? Your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated as we get going on this next new adventure! I will keep you updated!

Have a great week,


are we friends on fb yet? are we?? are weeeeeeeeeee???
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