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Giveaway: Gwen Delicious antique jewelry!

Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest

I'm so excited to partner with Bonnie at Gwen Delicious Jewelry to bring you a fantastic giveaway of antique jewelry.

                              Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest
Let me introduce you to Bonnie and her beautiful designs! 

Bonnie is a wife and mom in Victoria, British Columbia, and has had a love of design since she was a kid. She creates and designs pieces inspired by her love of all things vintage and antique. Her pieces combine the new with the old, incorporating unique vintage pieces like chandelier crystals, furniture hardware, and typewriter keys into her work!

You'll fall in love with Bonnie's creations just like I did. Check out some of her beautiful designs!

Tiny Anchor necklace $29 Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest
Vintage Brass Chandelier Earrings $40 Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest #antique #necklace #findings #accessories #free

Letter A Letterpress Necklace $37 Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest #antique #necklace #findings #accessories #free
Silver Flying Heart Necklace $30 Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest #antique #necklace #findings #accessories #free

Arrow Earrings $38 Gwen Delicious vintage jewelry. $25 giveaway ends 8/6! #clevernest #antique #necklace #findings

Bonnie is offering Clever Nest readers $25 towards any piece in her shop! Entering is easy! (may take a few seconds for the Rafflecopter widget to load)

And, all Clever Nest readers can get 10% off any item in Bonnie's shop by entering this coupon code:


Good luck to everyone!! Don't forget you can pin and tweet about this giveaway EVERY DAY to earn more entries.

Have a great week!


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15 Ultra Inspiring 'Podge Crafts!

Today I'm partnering with Hometalk, the DIY social media site that lets you post, ask questions, and collect DIY ideas, all in one place.
The good people at Hometalk asked if I would curate a board of decoupaged (and Mod Podged) crafts. Eek! Of course I said "yes!", and I'm super excited to share my roundup of some awesome projects featuring, you guessed it, Le Mod Podge.

Let the Podging Begin
I kind of have a love affair with Mod Podge. I hadn't so much as held a bottle of it until a year ago, and now it's one of my favorite crafting tools! These projects are majorly getting my juices flowing (percolating?) for my next Mod Podge endeavor.

Feast yer eyes on these lovelies and be inspired to create something of your own!

Decoupaged Apothecary Jars 
Tricia of Simplicity in the South put these awesome containers together using vintage labels and a little Mod Podge. My mind just exploded thinking about all the ways I could alter an old glass jar to give it some serious va-va-voom!

Map Covered Crate
Tricia also made this bomb looking crate using a map and a plain old crate from Michael's. Love, love the map look. Need I say more?

Faux Cranberry Glass 
Cranberry glass can be pricy stuff! But Carolyn from Homework shared how she made this set of expensive looking cranberry glass jars, for just a couple bucks!

Decorative Napkin covered Globe 
Globes are the hot item right now, especially altered ones. Viviennne of The V Spot showed off her revamped globe using party napkins. I love that print!

Computer Printed Paper Lamp Shade 
First of all this is using printed paper, like PRINTED out from the computer. That means absolutely f-r-e-e to make. I can't believe how good this lamp looks! Barb of Second Chance to Dream made an old lamp shade new with ease.  Plus she even shares a tip for keeping the colors from smearing when applying 'podge.

Mod Podge Map Clock 
Maps again. Yes, I have a weakness. But how smart is this clock by Tricia of Simplicity in the South? Any thrift store clock can be the wow factor on the wall with a trendy background and Mod Podge. She makes it look so easy. :)

Botanical Coasters Hack 
Brilliant! These floral coasters are actually hacks of a much more expensive set. Uncommon Designs Online turned a set of 99 Cent store cork coasters into beauties, using 'podge to seal in the paint and make them water resistant.

Children's Book Page Boxes 
I have some old Golden Books from my childhood sitting in my closet. I love what Robyn of All Things Heart and Home did with her old books! Wouldn't this be a cute way to store cards, or wrap presents and give as a gift?

Coffee Filter Lamp Shade 
Coffee filter meets lamp, equals ultra sophistication. Vilma of Lampada made this lamp for her Etsy Shop. She makes and sells these couture looking lamps, all made from inexpensive materials like wire and coffee filters. You've got to go see her collection!

Napkin Mirror Makeover 
This is a mirror I made a few months ago by yours truly. I turned a boring white mirror into an eye catcher using a $2 pack of Target napkins. Click on the image to see my tutorial and how it looks with the rest of the DIY stuff in my house. :)

Anthro Inspired Collage Art Plates 
I have to admit I've never seen anything like this before. Decoupaging art posters to plates??? Jessica Mad in Crafts pulls off this Anthro inspired craft flawlessly. She has an extremely well written tutorial on how she turned thrift store plates into a work of art (she saved $1600!!!). No reason to ever throw a decorative plate away. Just make it over!

Easy Way to Make Subway Art (no die cuts required!) 
Finally a tutorial on how to make trendy subway art without having to cut out EVERY SINGLE LETTER. Like many of us, Amy of Mod Podge Rocks! didn't have a cutting machine, so she figured out a simple way to get the look without the hassle. Thanks, Amy, I see myself making some subway art like this very very soon!

Real vs. Fake Mod Podge: An Experiment

You've seen all those recipes on Pinterest about how to make your own Mod Podge on the cheap. I tried my hand at making a DIY batch, and then compared it side by side to the real deal. I was surprised by what I saw! (hint: I'll be sticking with the real stuff from now on!)

Revamped Side Table 
It's a map. on a table. it's amazing. there is nothing more to say (high five Barbara at Chase the Star, well done!).

Mod Podged Pumpkins 
Halloween, Easter, Christmas. I guarantee there will be something round that will be begging to be Mod Podged at every single holiday. I might as well learn how to do it ahead of time. This craft by Worthington Court shows off some sweet and bright decoupaged faux pumpkins! Pinning this for later :D

Have you been inspired by these decoupage crafts? There's even more to see on my Hometalk board. Click through to see them all!

Thanks Hometalk for the fun challenge! :) Have an insanely fabulous week, k?

If you were featured, you can grab my low tech "button", this icon! :D

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No-sew Fabric Storage Bins {for free!}

no sew fabric storage boxes, from cardboard boxes and curtains! #nursery #baby #free #chevron #lime #storage

Since making this startling confession a few months ago about Andrew's nursery, I've been doing penance and bringing some design, color, and LIFE into his little boy room with gusto.

I've gotten a pretty good head start. I've made a fish mobile,
colorful paper fish mobile #nursery #craft #diy

bought a navy rug, and have plans to hang the diy life preserver from Andrew's first birthday. This week I zeroed in on Andrew's changing table. I wanted it to look cute and colorful, and I needed extra storage in a bad way.

Fabric Storage Bins
  • 3 boxes (mine were 10"w x 13"l x 10"h)
  • about 3 yards fabric
  • Glue gun
how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #chevron

My original idea was to buy some fabric storage boxes like these below, and just be done with it.

gain tons of storage, make diy wrapped fabric storage boxes (see how she did it for free!)

But I just wasn't in love with paying close to $40 with shipping for three boxes, or $70 for six. I knew there had to be another way. I could do better!

Pro Boxer
So I kept my eyes peeled for some cardboard boxes the same size as the closet cubes, and then one day, I found them!
gain tons of storage, make diy wrapped fabric storage boxes (see how she did it for free!)

I know you are jealous of my generous stash of Cabernet Oblivion there, classily stuffed under my child's diapers. My last name's not Wine for nothing! (yes it really is, you can double check in my about me tab).

Sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately my lovely boxes were all empty before I spotted them at Trader Joe's. Free boxes, and the perfect size for this project! Each wine box was 10"w x 13"l x 10"h.

I did some pinteresearch (that's my new word for figuring things out on Pinterest, spread it around please) and found a great tutorial on wrapping cardboard boxes in fabric from Lindsay at Tales from a Cottage.
inspiration wrapped storage boxes Tales from a Cottage

By the way, Lindsay has an amazing story of trying to start her family, shared here. Check out her cute diy blog and keep her in your thoughts and prayers!)

I'm a Wrap Rapper
I had some lime green curtains
I said curtains, fool! Uh.
I stole them! No, I just got them for free
At a Stuff Swap with my homies
fo' shizzle they was the perfect color
Fo' my baby's nursery, fool!!
Yo. Hey. Uh...

 *record scratch *record scratch *sprinkle some bleeped out words in there and wait for the cash to start pouring in!

So yeah...

Like I said in verse form there, I had some scored some green cotton curtains fool, at a thing me and my friends do called a "stuff swap". Basically we bring anything gently used and trade it for something new (to us).

The color was perfect for my lime, aqua, orange, and navy color scheme. Score! Total cost of this project so far= FREE!

I wrapped up each box in fabric just like I would a present. I measured the length of fabric on the long sides to slightly overlap on top, and the short sides to be slightly shorter than the box.
i couldn't believe it was this easy to make diy fabric wrapped boxes. They're $15 each in the store! #nursery #chevron #fabric #storage

I wrapped the long sides and glued them with hot glue, then folded and wrapped the short sides, gluing the edges as well.
i couldn't believe it was this easy to make diy fabric wrapped boxes. They're $15 each in the store! #nursery #chevron #fabric #storage

Then I cut the material around the top, about an inch away from the sides. In the picture below you can see I tried doing this step before wrapping up the sides. I found it worked better if I did the cutting part last.
i couldn't believe it was this easy to make diy fabric wrapped boxes. They're $15 each in the store! #nursery #chevron #fabric #storage

I glued down the flaps of material on the inside of the box.
i couldn't believe it was this easy to make diy fabric wrapped boxes. They're $15 each in the store! #nursery #chevron #fabric #storage

 I was afraid the cardboard inside might show when I put the boxes in the changing table. But the boxes are tall enough that you really can't see inside them unless you pull one out. Works for me, less fabric to add on the inside!

Check them out in there new spot in Andrew's changing table. Much improved!
i couldn't believe it was this easy to make diy fabric wrapped boxes. They're $15 each in the store! #nursery #chevron #fabric #storage

how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #chevron

The fabric in the middle shelf is just some leftovers from the boxes that I folded and laid on the shelf. Maybe eventually I'll get around to a more permanent solution like wrapping the fabric over some foam core and fitting it into the shelf.
Did I mention, total cost for this project- free!?!

The gray chevron changing pad is from Jen's Creations. I found Jenn's shop on Etsy, and swooped upon the great price (under $10!) Love the bold pattern, and come on, it's chevron. That's got to be an automatic win for this trend-o-phobic decorator, right?
how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #chevron

how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #chevron

Did I address my desperate storage needs? Oh yes.
how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #hotglue

To my delight I can fit an entire jumbo pack of diapers, wipes, and even some winter blankies within these puppies!
how to get tons more storage out of your changing table! easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #hotglue

easy diy fabric wrapped boxes #free #nursery #lime #hotglue

And it's on to the next project! I'm hoping to finish up Andrew's room in the next month and have an official "reveal" post when it's all done!

Here's what's still on my list:

  • make nautical flag bunting
  • hang family pictures above the dresser
  • add decals to closet doors?
Here's to ending CDD abuse!! Have a great week!


For more before pics, or if you want to find out what CDD abuse is, see my before post here

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