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My Secret to a flawless Plate Wall!

Easy modern plate arrangement

Plates are not just for your Grandma anymore! Ok, well, sure, she can still use them I guess, to eat on and stuff. But what I mean is,  plates have come out of the curios and are making a big impact on modern spaces!

Check out some of these awesome installations!
Plate walls- Clever nest

We've been renting our new townhome for 8 months now (wow, 8 months already?), and I'm slowly covering up blank walls and finding new homes for my wall art. It was time to bust out my collection of plates and find a place for them!
easy to hang, modern plate wall

easy to hang, modern plate wall

You can see the first time I did this plate wall in our previous house, a little over a year ago. That post is a little hard on the eyes. Looking at it now I can definitely tell it's pre Rebel Camera upgrade!
easy to hang, modern plate wall

I settled on putting my plate collection back up in our new formal dining room. My mother-in-law gave me a fabulous antiqued square mirror last year, and after spraying it white, we hung it over the buffet in the dining room. These plates would help fill out the wall and add some color and character!

I've picked up some new plates here and there at thrift stores and other places, and I was excited to put them up in a fresh arrangement.

I followed the same procedure as last time for arranging the plates. Here's the scoop!

My Secret to a Flawless Plate Wall
My BIGGEST problem with plate walls, or any other arrangement with lots of items is getting all the elements to go in the exact right spot. If everything shifts a few inches, by the time I'm on the last plate, I'm usually out of wall space. So aggravating! 

Here's my procedure for getting it right, the first time out!

Mock it
Mock it up that is. I laid out all the plates on the floor around a piece of cardboard the same size as the mirror. That way I could see how they would look together once they were up on the wall!
easy to hang, modern plate wall

(Con) template it
Once I was relatively happy with my floor version, I cut out paper circles the same size as each of the plates and taped them up on the wall where I wanted them to go. 

If you're wondering what those weird squiggles on each cut out are, I had to draw something like what  the pattern looked like so I'd remember which circle was what plate. 10 points for my drawing skillz! Yeaahhh....!
easy to hang, modern plate wall

When I finished, the paper template arrangement exactly matched the one I'd made on the floor. Phase one: success.
easy to hang, modern plate wall

Toothpaste, Nails, and Glue
That's not a list of things you shouldn't ingest. Although you really shouldn't eat them. It IS a list of how I got all my plates hung precisely where they needed  to go!

Like last time, I used the toothpaste trick to mark where each nail hole would go. You can see the full explanation here, or suffice to say that a dab of the 'paste on the tip of the plate hanger makes a mark when pressed against the wall. Poof: guess proof nail hammerage.

I went about replacing the paper circles with my real plates. Here's how things were looking later that night, mid process. 
easy to hang, modern plate wall

I used 3M Command Strips to hang the lighter and smaller plates. Sort of like glue, right? I love these things! They hold just as well as nails, but without the holes left behind.

For the larger, heavier plates I used traditional plate hangers and nails to keep them securely on the wall.
easy to hang, modern plate wall

easy to hang, modern plate wall

easy to hang, modern plate wall

A close up of a few of my favorites!
easy to hang, modern plate wall

I think I should hang something to the left of the mirror, to balance things out a little bit. I'm still on the look out for just the right thing. For right now I grabbed a flower arrangement from Michael's in a cheapie vase I sprayed white on the inside.
easy to hang, modern plate wall. clever nest

Here's a shot of this space from the living room. The front door is on the right and the kitchen is through the cut out, on the other side of the plate wall. You can see my refinished mid century modern desk, Leggy, through the cut out on the left too.
easy to put up plate wall. Neat idea how to arrange the plates!

I'm so happy another naked wall has disappeared! Do you have some naked walls staring you in the face too? tell me I'm not the only one! :) Is this how you hang large arrangements?

Do you have a blog, facebook, or Pinterest board to share? Put a link in a comment, I'd love to check it out!:)

Thanks Carolyn of Homework
and Chelsea of Someday I'll Learn for featuring this project!

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