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Winner announced! + Andrew is 20 months

Thank you everyone for participating in my birthday giveaway! It's time to announce the big winner. Ready??

Congratulations to Kim Forgey! 

Yay! Kim, I'll be contacting you about how to redeem your prizes. :)

Life as I Know it
Since I'm still working on this week's post (hope to get it out tomorrow!), I thought I'd share some pics of what we've been up to around here lately.  Cue the gratuitous baby pictures! :)

We decided to splurge this year and buy Disneyland passes.

It made sense since Andrew's young enough not to need a pass yet (20 months), yet old enough to understand slash maybe remember the experience. He talks about "Buhh" (Buzz), "Mimi" (Mickey), and the gorillas on the Jungle Ride all.the.time.
 Sometimes I let Andrew drive.

Wise man once say, "Rocket rides look innocent from the ground, but terrify in the air". Sometimes it's hard to judge what is age appropriate. Needless to say won't be hitting the rockets again for awhile! Sorry, Bud. I'll pay for that counseling session you'll need later.

We mostly stick to the mild rides, everything in Fantasy Land, and It's a Small World. I've learned, lots of things to look at + music= good, jostling, dips, or too much spinning= bad. At least for now!

As far as appetite goes, my son is a "good eater".

Understatement of the year. I'm pretty sure he would eat half a gallon of yogurt, a box of graham crackers, and a treefull of bananas if I let him have his way. Where does this appetite come from???

This picture always cracks me up. He tried tofu for the first time, and after sticking it in his mouth, gave me this look. He loves it now!

We are big on water. Like bonkers big. Andrew freaks out for the pool, sprinklers, the hose, the bath, and public fountains. There's a fun splash zone at our local downtown area and it's always hard to fish him out when it's time to go home.
"Don't drink the wa....!" too late. Also, I get extra points if I let him go pantsless.

"Hello, ladies."

He is fastidious (read ocd like his mama) to say the least. He does things like lining up berries in a row. 

We spend most days getting out and doing things in the morning, coming home for nap, and spending time with Daddy when he gets home.

He wants to do whatever Daddy does, including working on the computer.

 I am blessed!!

I'll have a more DIYish post out tomorrow. For now, thanks for reading! Have a great Wendesday. :)


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