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Rocking a frame with Rocks

A Rocky Relationship
Not me and my Sweetie! It's me and this craft. Aaand, maybe me and you after you read all the puns in this post!

You see last weekend me and Jason got to get away for the weekend with friends to a gloriously awesome beach house, with NO kiddos. It was wonderful! We lounged, we hopped in the spa, we walked the beach... aahhh. It was epic. :)
Thanks friends for an awesome weekend! And thanks Nana for watching Andrew for us!! It's a toss up who had more fun, Andrew or Nana :).

Rocky VII
On one of our beach walks, I collected a few (7) stones. I've never seen so many different colors in one place, and at one beach! Red, pink, yellow, white, blue, green, and purple. It's a rainbow :)

My instant collecction was so cool, I wanted to make some simple art to commemorate our weekend. Plus, make use of the free art supplies!

Perhaps the most entertaining partf of this craft was coming up with so many terrible puns to apply to this project of mine.

The Wet Look Works for Rocks too
I loved the way the rocks looked when they were wet in the sand at the beach. The colors stood out more vividly. I sprayed on a coat of clear gloss sealer to give them the wet look again, this time permanently. It was that or purchase them their own aquarium.

I gave the back sides a coat too and let them dry. This Krylon clear spray dries in 15 minutes, yay! Don't worry, I left no stone unturned during the process.

Caught between a Rock and a Picture Frame
I had been saving a shadow box frame I snagged on an after Christmas bargain hunting mission to Target in January. For $7 it was an awesome find, and I still have no idea how a plain silver frame qualifies as "Christmas" inventory that needs to be clearanced out. But you won't find me arguing with the 70% discount!!

I used hot glue to put the rocks in their place on a piece of white cardstock. Putting the mat in place helped me balance my arrangement and see how it would look when the frame was all put back together.

Now it's basically permanent, like set in stone. Rock solid. Stone cold.

Rock and Roll
And POOF! Instant memory/ souvenir/ cool art for the master bathroom!

 You know what they say, rocks who live in glass houses... shouldn't.... um, throw.....picture frames... hmm. Looks like my little shadow box really got stoned. What, no? It says it was framed. Oh my!!


Getting Stoned in the Bathroom
The new home for my rockin' art is in our master bathroom. Our vanity is separate from the shower and toilet. 

Once inside the door, the shower is at the back of the small room and the toilet is on the right.

Here I am inside the shower part, trying to take a picture. This is actually a really really good picture, considering how tight it is in there (size of two phone booths put together) plus I've got one leg in the shower, standing smooshed up against the toilet. Basically an attractive mental picture. Also the fact that this space has the lighting like that of a cave, during an eclipse, at night. Makes it hard, too.

So now we'll have something pretty to look at when we are visiting the loo. Everyone should have some good art in the bathroom, because, you know,

So now my bathroom is a little more forget-your-phone friendly, for when you can't reach the shampoo.

Ok, ok. Getting back on track.

Who has ADD? Raise your... HEY! look, ice cream!

Hitting Rock Bottom
Anyway, better slide to the finish line before this post erodes any further. I don't want things to get unbearubble for you!

How do you commemorate a vacation or trip?

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