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Easy Fabric Flower for Mother's Day

quick and easy fabric flower present topper! HGTV fabric Urban Blossom

A snappy little craft to kick your Mother's Day gift up a notch! And see the new line of fabric from HGTV!

Spicing up Yo' Mama's Wrappin'
I like wrapping up presents in a special way when I have the time. I'm no Martha. I've sent off many a present thrown into a Christmas gift bag, stuffed with shredded toilet paper and packing peanuts.
But this time, thankfully I had a few extra nap minutes* to make this beautiful fabric flower to put on top of my mom's gift!

*Nap Minute: n. A duration of time half as long as a regular minute, and five thousand times as precious.

Let there be Fabric, HGTV style!
Do you ever feel like fabric stores these days have nothing modern to choose from? I could get by with the tired selection of prints if I was making a granny quilt or pioneer woman outfit, but I hardly ever see something I'd consider covering my chair cushions with! Well ladies, we are in luck, because HGTV has heard our cries and partnered up with JoAnn Fabric to bring us a line of colorful, stylish, fashion forward prints!

Check out some of the beautiful designs!
HGTV's new Home line of indoor/ outdoor fabric at JoAnn Craft!

I love all of them! And I think I can trust HGTV's style sense, 'cause they sort of know what they're doing. You can see the entire line HGTV's Home collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics here!

My First Review!
The nice people at JoAnn Fabric sent me a yard of HGTV's beautiful Urban Blossom print in Berry to see what I thought of it.
HGTV Urban Blossom fabric #joann #fabric flower #mother's day

I love the bright colors, and fun print! I'm glad I got to use it for such a special purpose. :)

(You hold the) Flower Power
This craft is soooooo forgiving, guys, seriously. I could have done this blindfolded, on a rollercoaster, using only my feet and I bet it would have turned out just fine (although I may have poked my eye out).

If you've never done fabric flowers before, like I hadn't, never fear! This bloom pretty much made itself. I did some Pinteresearch*, and got the gist of how these things are put together.

*Pinteresearch: n. Going on Pinterest to find out how to make a craft. Spending 30 minutes drooling over salted caramel cupcakes in a mug.

I cut out big squares of the fabric, centering on those colorful flowers, then cut them into quarters leaving four 2 1/2 inch squares. I took 3-4 squares at a time (as many as my scissors would successfully cut) and scalloped the edges, very unsymmetrically.
HGTV Urban Blossom fabric #joann #fabric flower #mother's day
 (Do you like how I've OCD-ly written WINE in permanent marker on my scissors? Possessive much?)

Here are rough estimates of the sizes and number of petals I used.
easy fabric flower how to #mothers day #rose #fabric craft #diy

I confess- I didn't measure. But if you do try this, you'll see that it really doesn't matter. Just don't make the petals like the size of your face or anything. Unless you want a blossom as big as your bottom. And who knows? You might.

So I hot glued the petals into quarters and stuck them on the round base in concentric circles.
easy fabric flower how to #mothers day #rose #fabric craft #diy

Wherever I saw any gaps, I glued in one of the smaller petals. I wrapped up one last petal like a burrito and placed it in the center of the flower as the "bud". 
easy fabric flower how to #mothers day #rose #fabric craft #diy

easy fabric flower #mothers day #rose #fabric craft #diy

I am stoked by how fast this went. This is a craft that could be used for all manner of things- hair bows, purse clips, bridal bouquet, or accenting a garment. Not to mention a totally reusable present topper.

 I can't wait to give it to my mom! I hope she likes her gift of Christmas gift bags and packing peanuts that I put inside!! :)

What are you up to this Mother's Day? Celebrating your Mom? being celebrated yourself? We're having my family over to our place to spend the day on Sunday. I go to get off the computer now, and go clean a toilet.

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