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Paper Fishy Mobile {no. don't do it. lol}

I'm doing penance for giving my son CDD (child decor deprivation). I'm a changed woman and working on giving him a bright and fun room that we will both enjoy! First on the docket- a playful paper fishy mobile for him to look at while he's drifting into nigh nigh land.

I Get an Idea
I've never made a mobile before, and I was nervous about dealing with all the physics and gravity and complex weight calculations of it all. I was so tempted to buy a cute mobile on Etsy. But at $50 a pop at the cheapest, I figured I best dive in, learn to sink or swim, and basically try not to drown. 

I'm going to date myself, but whenever I hear the word "fishy" this classic Burt and Ernie sketch comes to mind.

In case you're at work or somewhere that blaring Sesame Street would be inappropriate, the gist of the clip is this.

Burt is attempting to fish in the classic form, you know, pole and hook and all. Ernie askes to show Burt his special method, namely, screaming "HERE FISHY FISHY FISHY!!" into the water. A fish comes leaping out of the water and Burt is dumbfounded. This happens several more times, and Burt wants a try. Ernie coaches him until Burt is screaming here fishy fishy at the top of his lungs and finally out jumps a shark (a talking shark. They have sharks in lakes?). Burt appropriately faints dead away.

Fishy Business
Here's how I made my very own mobile, for about $4!

  • cardstock
  • Fishing line or invisible string (I found mine in the beading aisle)
  • Clear plastic (got mine from fresh produce lids)
I freehanded a fishy silhouette out of a piece of junk mail cardstock and used it to trace a handful of colorful fishies out of scrapbook paper. If you don't feel like making your own, there are a ton of free fish silhouette icons online!
Paper fish mobile, looks cute!

Paper fish mobile, looks cute!

They weren't perfect, but they didn't need to be. I took a breath, kept swimming, er, cutting, and swallowed my OCD back down.
colorful fish mobile #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

 I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of these fun fishy shapes :)
colorful fish mobile #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

I used a small hole punch t make an "eye" in several fishies at a time. I totally dig their graphic, minimalistic look:).

For the "supports" I cut some plastic strips from the lids of clear plastic veggie containers. I particularly like the baby spinach packages, nice big lids! I cut 4 strips, roughly 7 x 3/4" each.

I Make A Plan
Now it got complicated.

I sketched out a plan of how I wanted to assemble my mobile. Looked simple enough. The curvy lines are the plastic pieces and the straight lines are the clear string.
plan for a fish mobile #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

Basically I threaded a big embroidery needle with fishing line, poked a hole in one end of a plastic strip, and tied a knot. At the free end of the string I tied a fishy. I can't tell you how long the string was. All I know is I had only enough patience for one go at this, and I wasn't stopping to risk taking measurements.

colorful fish mobile how to #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

I Hate Physics
As I began assembling the tiers the darn Laws of Physics came and bit me in the buttocks. My first set of plastic tiers were too narrow to hold up the weight of the fish (how much can a piece of paper weigh?!?) so I had to recut thicker ones. Then the tiers wouldn't hang straight! That is, unless I hung each fish hung exactly even with it's mate, and if the spot I'd tied the string to was perfectly even with the other side, or if it was Winter Solstice and the Earth was precisely level on it's axis.

Ok, I made the last one up, but it could have been related.

In short, lesson learned. I can never ever become a mobile assembler. Too much physics involved! Those $50 mobiles on Etsy are looking like a pretty darn good deal after this. Serious respect for mobile makers!!

Fish on, My Friend
colorful fish mobile how to #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

I love how the fishing line and plastic make it look like the fish are swimming in the air!
colorful fish mobile how to #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

colorful fish mobile how to #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

It's Andrew approved! He loves looking at it and  "blowing" on the mobile to make the fishies swim around :) I love adding some color and sweet graphic shapes to his room.
colorful fish mobile how to #baby room #nursery #paper #diy #craft

Right now this is hanging near his closet. Once I get some of the other projects finished in here I am thinking of moving it closer to his crib. Although I have noticed it is a great distraction for the squirmy diaper changee! Maybe I shouldn't mess with a good thing. :)

Here's my list of projects yet to be tackled. I'm praying there's less gravitational forces involved from now on.
  • Curtains sewed, need to be hung!
  • Fish mobile
  • New crib sheets and crib skirt
  • Rug pics soon!
  • Paint the changing table or buy a new one
  • Fabric storage boxes?
  • Treasure Chest toy box- got Grandpa on this one! :)
  • Art for over the dresser
  • Some kind of treatment for the closet doors, vinyl decals?
  • Art over the crib

Have you ever made a mobile? Any pearls of wisdom you can add? Any crafts you just won't touch because they drive you mad? haha

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