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Necklace from old Undies: UPDATE

This is an update to the post I wrote earlier today about making a "hot statement necklace from old undies". Recycling a pair of my husband's old undies is NOT ok.

Happy April Fools :)

Can you believe this was Jason's idea? Lol, we realized it was going to be April 1st last night after 10pm, and I knew Clever Nest had to have some fun. :) So in case you've been thinking that I've lost my mind today, just know I will never ever do a DIY project that involves old tightie whities, chonies, or knickers of any kind. ever.

But the good news- my project got repinned! and I love the board title, haha!
Upcycling a pair of old undies, haha Happy april fools

Haha, I'm proud to say that's a new category for me to be filed under! 

Did you get taken in by a prankster today? Have you seen Google's smell search? or Youtube's "end of an 8 year contest" video? I love April Fools. :)

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