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Living Room: I asked, you answered!

You know how you can stare at a room for so long you lose your objectivity? That was me.

I've been concentrating on decorating my living room so hard that I desperately needed an outside opinion. So I put it all out there and invited YOU into my living room for a style consultation. And boy, did you deliver!!

God Bless the Internet
I put up some pics of my living room and asked how I could make it better. Here they are, if you haven't already seen them.
my living room: I asked, you answered! 

my living room: I asked, you answered!

my living room: I asked, you answered!

I feel like I got 50 decorators from all walks of life to walk through my house and give me their 2 cents, and it was awesome!

Here's some of your advice:

"lots of beige going on. New or covered couches! And /or maybe a brightly colored rug instead of the neutral tone you have. Love the green cabinet idea." -Denay 

Beige, beige... what beige? I only see the walls, couch, rug, and pillows.

"Recover the dark brown foot rest/coffee table with a bright complementing color. It's too heavy for the room. Maybe even replace it with a glass table for light and airy. More bright pillows." -Lancet

I can see what you mean. This ottoman is perfect for 19 month old Andrew's noggin bumpin' though, and so comfy you could sleep on it (although you might have to curl up like a dog). What to do!

"Add more color! More turquoise blue, yellows, and a little red. Also, maybe start with something simple, like adding some more colorful pillows. : )" -Monique

Amen. amen.

"family pictures!" -Kimberli

For some reason I never think of adding our pictures. Oh, yeah. I have a family!!

"there is just alot of beige. I think you have the solids covered, but a print would be go a long way, maybe cover 2 pillows in a print? And I agree that although not as practical, a brighter rug would help break up the beige." -Valerie (my sis-in-law!)

I still don't understand about all this beige. You trippin'.

"Change out or re-fabric the lampshades. Maybe even spray paint the lamp bases a bright color. I love spray paint right now!" -Stacey

I definitely hear you! But I'm so scared of patterns! It's true : /

Thanks, girlfriends. I owe you one :) I'm so glad I asked your opinion. 

God bless Girlfriends! *finger snaps
You know whenever you ask a bunch of gals, "how does this look?", you're gonna get lots of different answers. For example, some of you loved my white curtains, others thought they were too blah. Some loved my framed art, others thought I needed a bigger statement piece. All in all, there were some clear winners, or should I say losers that are keeping me from my target style. 

Do you agree?

The big "offenders" were-
#1 ottoman is too dark and heavy
This is news to me! I can see it now, but we love it so much. Maybe a reupholster and new feet?

#2 too much beige! 
I know. I've been dealing with the Beige Wars since the beginning.

#3  tv stand style doesn't go with the room 
I agree. It was freebie! I think a coat of paint could work some serious wonders.

#4 too many colors going on
I see that now too. The gray is still a neuteral, and the orange stool, what the heck, Alyssa?! Take it away!

#5 too many rugs
*shame. You called it. 2 rugs is weird. One's too big, one's too small, and both are blah colors! This needs to be addressed asap.

#6 not enough patterns 
Confession: I am sooo skeerd of patterns! Hold my hand, please, k?

And there were some great ideas on what to do next!

#1 Add a yellow accent wall and white shelves over the love seat.
I am 1000% behind this idea. It's in the works as we speak!

#2 Repaint the tv cabinet a bright color.
Love. I think I might wait until the rest of the pieces are in place to decide on the color, and dare I say, pattern??

#3 Change out the three big frames for a gallery wall
I do love a gallery wall. And all my inspiration pictures seem to have one. I think you might win me over.

#4 Ditch the rugs for a colorful option
Amen. Yes, ma'am. Right away, ma'am.

#5 Lose the stool!
Talk about a photo bomb. Get that thing in the garage or something.

I'm still processing these suggestions. Haha, that's a lot to take in! I had so much fun reading your responses. I will definitely do this again next time I'm stuck!

Do you have any other ideas that would help bring this room to life? Speak your mind, girl!

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