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Living Room Day 163: I need your help!!

Our living room represents the sum total of the last 3 years on this blog. My diy projects, crafts, and bargain finds have all found there way into this room, one way or another!

It's changed so much since I first showed it to you in November. I've been working hard and it's coming along, but I feel a little stuck... and I could use another pair of eyes!

Style Envy
This is the style that I luuuurve, and quite literally makes me drool a little. Ecclectic, vintage, colorful, and fun!
eclectic, modern, vintage, colorful living rooms
From top, left to right: 

Now, see how close, or far off I am from my dream style. :)

Here it is on day one of our renting odyssey. A bare shell waiting to be brought to life. <<GZZT!>> That's how I imagine those paddle machine things sound.
see this blogger's living room evolve from day 1 to day 163!

A week later, I'd gotten it into somewhat functional shape. Lights and seating- check. Still looking rather sparse in here!
see this blogger's living room evolve from day 1 to day 163!

Fast-forward roughly 163 days, and here is how our living room looks today.
see this blogger's living room evolve from day 1 to day 163!

My aqua impressionistic DIY paintings make a nice focal point and splash of color on the big expanse over the couch.
Eclectic modern living room. White Ikea Vivan curtains. Blue, yellow, green

The faux leather ottoman is a newcomer. I picked it up at Cort Furniture, who re-sells model home furniture, for under $200. My bubble wrap clock makes it's home above the fireplace. Thrifted frames, art, and knick knacks are slowly finding their way in here as well.eclectic modern living room. Ikea vivan curtains, fiddle leaf fig, world market pillows.

To the left is our TV and media cabinet. Next to it are the entry way table and napkin mirror. I'd love to mount the TV on the wall and add a cool shelf above it!
this blogger is asking for help! She wants suggestions on how to spice up her living room.

Supporting Characters
If my living room were a play, these next few elements are the much needed supporting players. There in the corner is Mr. Figgy, one of the first plants I've managed not to kill slowly.

My retro recycled $3 lamps. That's $3 for the pair! Hand-me-down bases I sprayed gray paired with mega clearanced Target shades! I'd love love to replace them, but not eager to dish out $50 a piece for new ones.

 Meet the newest member of my flora family, Succy the succulent. He was a $3 find at Trader Joe's. I will try not to kill you, Succy.

And to round out the playbill, Ikea Vivan curtains in white, $9.99 for a pair of extra loooong panels. You can't beat that!
S.O.S comment with how I can spice up my living room! :)

Photoshop Fantasizing
I like where this room is going, but it still looks a bit "meh" to me. I'd love to add more unique elements, color, and SPICE!

When I'm imagining how to redo a room, I find myself making a rough sketch using a photo editor (Pic Monkey's my program of choice)! It helps me visualize how colors and elements will work out... or not!
rough sketch modern eclectic colorful living room.

How would gray couches, a yellow accent wall, and white shelves look in this space? What about chalkpainting the media cabinet Kelly Green?

What do you think of these ideas? What else would you suggest? Painting the furniture, recovering the couch...?

Future Plans
I would love your input. What would you suggest to make this room look better slash more professionally decorated? I'm all ears!! :) Seriously, I love being inspired by your ideas, so bring 'em!! Only thing is, we are renting, so we can only do cosmetic changes, and probably not paint.

Thanks :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!

INSERT: if we're not friends yet on Pinterest... why the heck not, girl??? :) 

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