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Andrew's room- a deep dark confession

Something's been happening down at the end of the hall. If you promise not to call the authorities on me, I'll tell you what's up.

Andrew's room is the last one down our hallway and up until now has been in a state of near CDD. Are you familiar with the acronym?

CDD: Child Decor Deprivation abuse
It's the silent killer.

That Room My Kid Sleeps In

CDD (Child Decor Deprivation) is likely to occur when Mommy is busy decorating every other part of the house and only goes into this room for poop changes and nigh nigh time. It's easily forgotten!
Child decor deprivation abuse- documented! :)

The truth is I don't enjoy being in here myself! I know he's only 1 1/2, and we're really only in here for diapie changes, nap, and bedtime. I keep him in the living room with me, where I can keep both my beady eyeballs on him so he can't kill himself 100 times a day! But, as he get's older I want this to be a fun, colorful place we can both enjoy!!

The face of Child Decor Deprivation
When asked to comment on the condition of his abode, Andrew offered a brief, yet telling quote.
Child decor deprivation abuse- documented! :)

It's unclear whether that was referencing his room or the state of his diapie. I'll give you the sparse, uninspired tour.

This is the view from the door. Andrew's room only has two walls to work with, the wall to the right of the window, and the door wall. The far wall is obviously the window, and to the left is floor-to-ceiling closet doors (you'll see a better view in a few pics).
Child decor deprivation abuse- documented! :)

 The color is a faint mossy lime green, somewhat reminiscent of faded guacamole. Not loving it.
Bright nautical room- before pics

We are renting, and I haven't asked, but highly doubt I can paint the walls. One of the bummers of being a renter!!
Bright nautical room- before pics

Here is the wall of ginormous, person crushing closet doors. If I wasn't renting, I would want to build a smaller closet with a door, so I could use at least some of this wall! Sheesh. Good thing babies don't need much for furniture.

Bright nautical room- before pics

Andrew's dresser is on the door wall. You might recognize that life preserver from Andrew's first birthday party. I painted it orange and am planning to hang it there above the dresser along with some art or pictures.
Bright nautical room- before pics

A New Direction!
Not the boy band, but this does have to do with a "boy" and a "star quality" space. My visions of Andrew's hip new space revolve around a nautical, colorful, oceany sort of vibe. But nothing too themey. No pirate ship cribs or fish nets hanging from the ceiling. These rooms inspired me!
bright nautical boys room
source: top left, top right (who doesn't need a giant yellow swordfish on their wall??)
bottom left Me & Wee, bottom right

Bright colors, definitely for a boy, and subtle hints of nautical. LOVE! Here's the projects I want to tackle, some are already in process!
  • Curtains sewed, need to be hung!
  • Fish mobile
  • New crib sheets and crib skirt
  • Rug 
  • Paint the changing table or buy a new one
  • Fabric storage boxes
  • Treasure Chest toy box- got Grandpa on this one! :)
  • Art for over the dresser
  • Some kind of treatment for the closet doors, vinyl decals?
  • Art over the crib
I'm excited to see Andrew's room go from depressive to impressive! No more CDD in this house. One less reason for him to be in adult therapy for having me as his mother, haha. Stick around and you'll see the whole transformation for yourself. 

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