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Giveaway {Origami Owl!}

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Giving away $35 in Origami Owl Jewelry!
Win $35 of ORIGAMI OWL on clever nest blog!

First, I need to announce the winner of the Mary Kay giveaway that just ended. Congratulations to...
Kristina Miller!

Woo hoo! The winner was chosen using Kristina, I will be contacting you about how to redeem your prize :)

And now, the last and final giveaway of my One Year blogversary celebration!! It's been a great bloggy birthday. Thank you for making it so awesome!

Origami Owl Jewelry
Have you heard of Origami Owl? Maybe you've seen ladies walking around with those cute round lockets filled with adorable charms?
Origami Owl giveaway! enter to win $35 in jewelry -clever nest

Origami Owl is a unique jewelry line that offers fully customizable lockets, that tell your own personal story! Not to mention they look good with literally everything.
Origami Owl giveaway! enter to win $35 in jewelry -clever nest

Origami Owl giveaway! enter to win $35 in jewelry -clever nest

Origami Owl giveaway! enter to win $35 in jewelry -clever nest

Misty Bradley is a Origami Owl designer that I'm partnering with. Her site shows how to build a living locket from the ground up!
Origami Owl giveaway! enter to win $35 in jewelry -clever nest

Going for the Win!
Misty is offering Clever Nest readers $35 in Origami Owl jewelry! This giveaway closes Friday, 3/9/13 at midnight! Winner will be announced right here on the blog on Saturday, 3/4/13, so come back and see if you won! Here's the links you will need:


Enter using Rafflecopter below (it might take a sec to load) and don't forget you can earn more entries EVERY SINGLE DAY by tweeting about this giveaway!

Good luck! Can't wait to see who wins! :)

giving away Origami Owl jewelry! clever nest

Mirror Makeover using Napkins! {Winner Announced}

Thank you Diane of In My Own Style, and  Amy of One Artsy Mama for featuring this project!

unique use of napkins- mod podging a mirror :)  clever nest

This week I finished up a project that brought a POP of color and fun to my living room, and broadened my exposure to the wonders of Mod Podge.

But first!

Freshy Fig Giveaway Winner!
It's time to announce the winner for the Freshy Fig Vintage Jewelry giveaway! Thank you, everybody, so much for participating. The winner is...
Kerry Maclnnes!

Winner was chosen using Congratulations, Kerry! I'll be contacting you with how to redeem your prize!

Decoupaged Mirror Using Napkins
If you had visited my house last week, you would have seen our rather sad entry. A table, a lamp...the end of my imagination. Here's a rather sad pic of my sad entry from Christmas.
Making over a rather sad entry way with a hot mod podged mirror! clever nest
Not a whole lotta cheer going on! Thankfully my latest project is helping to spice things up in here, and it was oh so easy.
quick mirror makeover using napkins

Decoupoged Mirror using Napkins

  • Mirror with wide(ish) frame
  • Modpodge
  • Brush
  • Light weight paper- tissue, napkin, wrapping paper
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

Step 1. Get Preppy
I lay down a big piece of cardboard for a work surface, set the mirror on top, and taped off the edges of the mirror pane with painter's tape. I ran a damp paper towel along the frame to remove any dust or dirt from the move to our new place.
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

Step 2. Cutting Down to Size
I brainstormed a lot of different materials to use on this project- cloth, scrapbook paper, wall paper etc. I finally found these sweet Mara Mi napkins at Target for $3. I love the deep blue swirls that almost look like peacock feathers. Fun!
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

I used the already cut straight edge as my guide and did a loose mock up, leaving about 1 1/2" to wrap underneath the mirror.
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

Step 3. 'Podge it Up, Baby
I had a jar of Modpodge from my little diy 'podge experiment, where you can learn why I now use real Modpodge vs. a do-it-yourself version. Can you believe it? that's one of my most popular posts!

First, I brushed a layer of 'podge over the mirror frame, then laid down the napkins and gently pressed it down.
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

I immediately brushed on a generous top coat to seal the paper.

I also tried waiting 'til the base coat was completely dry before adding a top coat. When the top coat dried I couldn't see a big difference in the result, but I did notice the paper was slightly less wrinkly in the section where I put on the top coat right away. Maybe the wet 'podge helped to smooth out the paper while it was still malleable?

Ermagerd, what, Wrinkles??
I think it is the nature of wet tissue paper to wrinkle. Somewhere it's got to be written in a book of elemental properties of the universe or something.

Thankfully this napkin wasn't too bad, and with the matte finish of the 'podge, the wrinkles really almost disappear entirely.

My mother-in-law was even nice enough to say the wrinkles added to the texture of my craft. Thanks, Janet!
quick mirror makeover using napkins. clever nest

Yes, there they are, but I think I can live with it. For some added insurance I didn't apply any sealer to the mirror. If I decide in 2 months that I'm over it, at least it is water soluble!

I let it dry for 2 weeks. Ha. I'm sure it only takes around 24 hours to set. But it sat on my bedroom floor for a few weeks until I could grab Jason to hang it up on the wall for me.

What do you think?
snappy mirror upcycle using napkins from Target and mod podge! clever nest

snappy mirror upcycle using napkins from Target and mod podge! clever nest

I love the fun vibe! In fact, if I could sum up what I want my home to feel like, "fun" would definitely be top priority. I want my space to feel comfortable, inspired, and relaxed. :)

Mirror- $14 from The Alley. I bought this for our upstairs bathroom in our previous house a few years back.
Topiary- $27 from Marshall's. I got this for this post!
Shell Bowl- $15 from Tai Pan Trading Co. a few months ago
Books- $1 a piece from Good Will. Gotta have some colorful prop books around!
Eiffle Tower- souvenier from Jason's trip to Paris last year :) I love personal touches.
Scarf- vintage goodness from Mom's collection
Faux apples- bought for our wedding (fall/fruit theme)
Table- $80 from Ebay

Extremely Difficult Things to Photograph
As a consequence of blogging about this project, I have bumped up "mirrors" on my list of Extremely Difficult Things to Photograph. Here's my running list:
  1. Conception of a Seal Pup
  2. Mirrors
  3. Toddlers
  4. Sasquatch 
Dang. If it wasn't the flash going off and causing a paranormal activity-like glare, it was an unattractive reflection of my arm, elbow, camera lens, or noggin. I'm lucky to get the few shots I have! 

How the fuzzy do you take a pic of a mirror?!?! I will ask God about this when I see Him.
snappy mirror upcycle using napkins from Target and mod podge! clever nest

Ah well, impromptu modeling shot. Hi!

What are you working on this week? Recovering from Valentine's Day?

Baby's with the sis-in-law, and I'm taking Jason out on a top secret date. He has no idea where we're going! ;) Pics to come!

P.S. This is the pic we put in Daddy's frame for Valentine's Day. I freaking love this Munchkin!

Most Embarrassing Blog Moments {Mary Kay Giveaway!}

I spend a substantial portion of my time thinking, planning, and meditating on how avoid embarrassing myself. I also spend a fair bit of my time royally embarrassing myself. The paradox in which I live.

But, lucky for you, in honor of my one year blogversary I'm sharing about my blunders this past year in the blogging world! You see, to share about how I embarrass myself in regular everyday life would require a 5 part miniseries entitled, "Avoid everything This Girl Does, and You Will Have a Successful Life". HBO, if you're reading this, I'm open for contract talks.

February: Giveaway Month!
Yes it's true, I'm celebrating my One Year Blogversary for the entire month of February! Woop woop! To thank you for all your lovin' I've partnered up with some fabulous ladies to bring you some uber fabulous giveaways all month long!

Scroll to the end of this post to enter to win 
$30 in Mary Kay goodies!

And, be sure to enter the Freshy Fig Vintage Jewelry giveaway already in progress
This giveaway ends Friday, 2/15 at midnight (PSD). Good luck!

My Own Worst Enemy
Ok, what you really came for. Forget about free stuff, I know what you really want to see are the most mortifying blog moments of your truly.

#1 I was the proud owner of "Cleaver Nest" for 2 whole days
Spelling's not my strong suit.

Which is unfortunate when an eager young blogger logs into Blogger and registers for her very first blog! With nervous anticipation she requested the name she had thought long and hard about, Clever Nest! She hit "enter", and to her delight, the name was available! Oh sweet bliss!! She enthusiastically saved her new blog name, and began setting up her own little space of the blogosphere.

A few days passed.

As the bushy tailed blogger-to-be typed in her shiny new web address, a curious thought struck her. Does my name look a bit funny? she thought. Does it says what I think it says? It does...right??

A quick investigation with spell check revealed the whole horrible truth.

Her beloved blog name was not the witty DIY moniker she believed it to be, Clever Nest. In it's place (to her horror (and shame)) she discovered she was the proud owner of a rather menacing innuendo instead, CLEAVER NEST.

It cut like a knife.

It was like being on a chopping block.

With stabbing pain of mortification she cut to the quick and sliced up that blog at once! I no longer own a blog about cutlery in the home. You can check, I'm pretty sure it's correct!

#2 The time I hung a Turkey butt on my wall

Ok, this moment wasn't so much an honest mistake as it was a serious lapse in objectivity. I wrote about a style dilemma I was having with this painting I found in my parents' garage. I thought it was super! Free art, matched my colors, kind of cool and quirky, what's not to love? But my husband and friends thought, well, that I'd lost my mind.

Not sure who was right, me or them, I took a poll seeing if the rest of you felt the same way, and if you could identify this painting's subject matter. After some confused guesses, here's what one of you had to say,

"I feel really, really bad saying this and I almost didn't comment...but I do not like it. I wish it were a little more weird, then it could be an ironic art statement:0) What is it? It looks like a turkey butt!"Melissa @ No.2 Pencil

Note to self. Whenever the words "turkey butt" are applied to an item in your home, and you have to explain that it's a glass fishbowl and not a featherless bird waving it's fanny in the air like it just don't care, it's not quirky, or cool. Very not cool.

Laughing, I ripped that foul thing down off the wall!! and thanked my lucky stars I have people that will tell me when I've completely taken a detour off the road that we like to call "normal". What are friends for?

#3 Holy Restickable Gluestick, Batman 
When projects I've worked so hard on go so, so wrong my first instinct is to hide it or burn it before anyone can question my ability to carry a crafter's license.

But I made a commitment in the beginning to stay totally and completely real with you, and share the triumphs as well as the sad, ugly fails! And I'm glad I did!

We're all human, and if you can't laugh along with me at my paint chip art debacle, or my leaky hairy sensory bottle, you have never crafted at all.

There's a theme to my flops. I'm usually in a hurry, too gung ho to gather the proper tools, or Andrew is about to wake up from his nap and I've got to get my project off the floor.

Case in point, my attempt at the highly popular paint chip art. All I had on hand was a restickable gluestick, and not much pre planning. I can't explain it much better than I did in this post.
 It's just ugly. It hurts my eyes.

Same goes for my sensory bottle that went bad. And sticky. And hairy... and wet. The trifecta of flop-dom?
Those two posts,  #1 make me laugh, and #2 remind me to get off my high horse, 'cause the gods of crafting can still bop me on the head from time to time if I don't watch it! Read them for yourself and have a good laugh!

#4 My first giveaway garnered a whopping 3 entries, preeety sure by the same gal
I'm still not recovered from this, guys. And I really, reeeally didn't want to talk about it! My very first giveaway had a lot wrong with it. For one I didn't know what I was doing, so my audience was much too narrow. The monetary value was rather low, a whopping $5!, and on top of all that, I didn't know how to promote giveaways very well either.

Put all those factors in a jar, shake 'em up, and what do you get? A giveaway that gets not one, not two, but three whole entries!

*covers face in shame.

I felt bad for my sponsor, and for me. Mostly for me.

Bless you, Daniela, for entering my giveaway! You kept me from putting a paper bag over my laptop and never ever blogging again.

Mary Kay Giveaway!
Speaking of giveaway! I'm sure you'll want to get in on this good stuff. You will. Right, Daniela??
This giveaway brought to you by my friend Kimberli. She is offering all Clever Nest readers $30 in Mary Kay makeup and skin care products, your choice! I use their makeup and skin care products everyday, and have to say I am hooked. Especially their matte wear foundation, which lasts all day, no joke.

There are so many products to chose from, and lots under $30! I love their lipstick and lip gloss. Click on the image to see all the colors!
Happy with the makeup you already have? How about adding some high quality brushes to your arsenal? Click to check them out.

Mix and match! You may get as hooked as I am!

Here's how to enter. Mandatory entry- visit Kimberli's Mary Kay site and leave a comment telling me what you'd get if you won. More entries earned for becoming a GCF follower of Clever Nest, liking Clever Nest on Facebook, and tweeting about this giveaway (you can do it every day)!

Giveaway ends 2/22/13 at midnight PST. Winner will be announced on 2/23 right here on the blog! Come back to see if you won.

                       Visit Kimberli's Mary Kay site here!

Good luck!

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