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Leaky Hairy Craft Fail!

Leaky hairy Sensory bottle craft fail -clever nest
You can't win them all.

Actually, you can win them all. If you are really stealthy and sneak any and all craft flops immediately into the trash.

But I am not so proud.

I am human, and it's statistically likely that once in awhile I will be visited by the horrible and dreaded... Craft Fail!

(Btw: I submitted this project to Craft Fail 'cause I figured if you can't live in fame, you might as well live in infamy. Hoping it gets selected! :)

Sensory Bottles, The Fail
While trying to be a good mom and make something for my kid once in a while, I ended up with a gross, leaking hairball.

Leaky hairy Sensory bottle craft fail -clever nest

I saw these sensory jars from The Iowa Farmer's Wife and thought,
Sensory bottles from water bottles. For preschoolers

 "fill water bottles with stuff and water? I can do this!"

O how the simple can be deceiving.

I scuttled off to the party store and came home with a bag full of fun, shiny things for my kid to look at inside this bottle.
Hilarious craft fail making sensory bottles -clever nest

I chose glitter, googly eyes (I use them for clocks too!), confetti, buttons, food erasers, lizards  buttons, shells, and food coloring. Also used (picked up from the floor and dryer vent)- change, bells, and beads.

I emptied a molasses jar and tried to remove the label and gummy stuff without any luck. I know there's a Pinterest for that. Isn't there a Pinterest for that?

No matter. I figured I'd deal with it later. For now, sticky sensory!

I filled the sticky bottle with all manner of sparkly and neon baby eye catching things and screwed the lid on tight.
Hilarious craft fail making sensory bottles -clever nest

Hmm, a bit murky in there... no matter. I was on the path to baby entertaining awesomeness!

Without really reading the directions (directions? shmerections!), I hot glued the top on after screwing it on. Mistake. Instead of securing the top so Mr. Andrew couldn't open it up, it leaked. And now I couldn't open it up again to fix the problem.

Uh, water sensory!

Know when you're beat
Here's the hot mess. I just can't believe I messed up filling a bottle with stuff and water.
Hilarious craft fail making sensory bottles -clever nest

this craft fail is hilarious! -clever nest

Avert thine eyes. It looks nasty. It is nasty. And it's not getting anywhere near my child.

Oh, and yes, those are FREAKING HAIRS on my baby's sticky leaky sensory bottle from the label I couldn't get off.
this craft fail is hilarious! -clever nest

I showed it to Andrew. He didn't want anything to do with it.

At this point it's not even worth fixing. I cave. I'm out, alright?!?! You win, you stupid Sensory Bottle! You broke me. Thanks for nothing!


Off to go let my baby play with rocks and dirt instead. I'll leave this hard craft stuff to the professionals.

How about you? Any bombs to share recently?

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