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Big House Plans for 2013!

Ah, resolutions. 

We make 'em mid-December, gear up to start cutting sweets and hitting the gym come January 1st. Then, by January 2nd it all falls apart. We realize that it sucks to live without chocolate, and sweat unattractively in public, and decide this resolution thing is for the birds.

Did you make a resolution for the new year? 

How's it going for you so far? 

I hate making resolutions only to see myself breaking them. Thus I don't aim very high. Which in a way helps insure my chances of success. As in, "I won't eat this cookie that just fell on the floor" kind of thing. Small, but successful

Actually,  I'll tell you what my New Year's reso-to-try-not-to-fail-solutions are in the coming week! And no, that cookie did not get eaten.

Big House Plans!
I'm making a tradition of using the New Year to take inventory of my plans, hopes, dreams for my little nest! I started this tradition last year, for our old house. And now 2 months into our new place, it's quite timely.

I'll pop back here throughout the year and check off the projects as I tackle them. Here's goes nothin'.

The list is all-inclusive, thus a bit of a longie. If you conk out and escape back to Pinterest half way though, I understand.  This is my "I said it on the blog" accountability. No wussing out, no turning back.

Here's my big ol', not messin' around, la la la list!

Living room
This is where we do most of our living, entertaining, and playing. I kind of want it to be fabulous.

I'll post a more recent pic soon, one that has furniture at least. Just imagine couches on the right and back, and a TV on the left. 

I don' think it'll take much to get this room significantly more awesomer. Here's my plan:
1. Staying with my happy color palette of aqua, green, and yellow. I want to add some sweet character with art and antiques like this pic from Decor Pad .
2.Curtains! I like this retro print from Fat Quarter Yardage
3. Handles for buffet. Embarrassing: I took the hardware off over a year ago. It's time to finish this gal already : / Love these from Amerock Hardware.
4. Shelves for over fire place, a la Young House Love
5. Paint my lamp shades. I've got to figure out what kind of pattern to do on my plain jane shades. Something crazy like this pattern from Darrell Nettles' painting?

Dining Room
A few major tweaks needed in here, and I should be good to go!

Here's my simple mood board:
1. Resurrect my Plate Wall from the old house. Loving MMM Crafts version :)
2. Mid Century Buffet. I absolutely pine for something like this one from  Revitalized Artistry .
3. Something to protect the table. I've got to find some way to keep our new Craigslist table (pics soon!) from getting scratched, without using a table cloth. My 15 month old son thinks table cloths are for performing magic tricks with, namely the one where you yank it out from everything that's on top.
4. Family Birthday Calendar like this from Crafty Endeavor. Isn't it cool?
5. I need a little shelf or stand to hold pencils, a waste basket, and other odds and ends I have to keep out of Andrew's reach!
6. Hang my mirror from the old house 
7. Replace old family pics in my DIY Family Tree
8. Add curtains
Music Room
I've decided that's what I'm calling our strange little alcove between the garage on the left and our bedroom on the right. It sounded more classy.

Three wishes in here:
1. Buy a bookcase and shelves. I checked out this beauty from 1st Dibs, and found out it's only $10,500! hahahaha...ha.
2. Decorate shelves in a cool way, a la Emily Henderson
3. Add some curtains and give it a more cozy feel

Master Bedroom
Sanctuary! This room is coming along nicely, more pics to come I promise!

A few upgrades in here too:
1. Curtains. This is becoming a broken records, I neeeeeed them...everywheeeeeere! 
2. Add art. Possibly framed wallpaper samples?
3. or these?

Get ready for the biggest goal/dream of the whole list. And it's happening right here in the kitchen.

Don't forget, we rent, not own this place. So no blowing out walls or anything sweat related like that. But exiting for me just the same!
1. Build an island! We will have to make a free standing unit, since we can't secure it to the floor. I've priced cabinets at Lowe's, and I think we can handle this. More to come!
2. Some fun dish towels like these
3. Add art to the desk area
4. New rug, navy and white please 
5. Curtains? I can haz curtains?!?
Hall Bath
This room is dying of color deprivation. I need some big pops of color in here, stat!

Color, here you come:

1. Fun art like this fishy friend from Koi Freaks
2. A colorful shower curtain like this Fabric Paradise
3. or this Sew Mama Sew?
4. or this Fat Quarter Shop??
Andrew's Room
I'm not 100% sure what to do in here yet. Here's my plans thus far.

Just want to add a rug and hang some art, and ... curtains!

Guest Room
We'd love to keep from letting this room become a quazi office/ catch-all junk room. Since we're a bit further away from our family now, we'd like to keep this room ready for guests!

A few things to do:
1. Organize the junk in here now!
2. Buy a bed (we've found it's nicer to offer a bed rather than cold laminate floor when guests come over.)
3. Get a Craigslist dresser
You made it! 
To the end of my extensively long and painfully thorough To Do list! Without cheating on me with Pinterest even once! 

Last, but not least is... our patio. Our sad, sad patio.

Talk about wap to the wah. 

Boring! Come Spring I'm planning a major jolt of style to this space!

1.Buy a comfy set of table and chairs
2. Add cafe lights (excited about this!)
3. Fire pit
4. Try a project like Makely School for Girls. I want those ugly wooden walls to do something. I don't want to spend too much on this project either. I'm thinking paint a bamboo screen with this herring bone pattern?

Hitting the Ground
That's it! That's enough. Making this list totally pumps me up and I feel like I can start attacking it one room at a time. Do you ever feel like if you just write it down it doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore?

Woo hoo, here I go. Wish me luck!
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