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Sparkly Winter Wreath

UPDATE: Thank you Heather for featuring this on Setting for Four!

This Christmas will be different than all others before. Why? Because after a long journey, I have finally, FINALLY found "my style".

You see, the first 3 Christmases of my married life were shrouded in ambiguity. What is my style? what is "me"? I needed to buy basic supplies like stockings, wreaths, and ornaments, but I was totally missing my usual confident decor swagger.

I needed inspiration!

Then, this summer I saw these pictures. And I just knew.

Oh, this is so me! Loving this vintage, classic, nature inspired look, with a touch of rustic! My color palette- brass, silver, gold, gray, white, and green. 

Why does this work for me? Because I decided I wanted my Christmas style to meld with my Rest of the Year style, and my Christmas colors match with my other home decor. Everybody's different, but that makes a ton of sense to me! Holiday decor that blends and accentuates my home's everyday style and colors? Oh yeah!

And now we have a brand new place to get my holiday swag on! I can't wait to get started.:)

  • Lots of sticks
  • Cardboard
  • White spray paint
  • White glue
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small paint brush
This wreath is inspired by Kristine of The Painted Hive (bottom right corner of my mood board). Her wreath is awesome and I couldn't wait to try to duplicate it! Check out her blog, I'm a follower, and I think you will love her too!

Step 1. Hunt and Gather
Living in a Townhome, we don't have a yard, let alone an area where sticks might accumulate. So Andrew and I headed across the street to our park of choice to rustle up some premium organic craft supplies.

Andrew is not in this picture, he is camouflaged by the branch.

We were a slightly funny sight. And I got one, "are you building a camp fire?" remark from a nosy passerby. No campfire sir, can't you tell this is a wreath waiting to be born?!?

 We made it home with a good sized collection of sticks. Turns out I only needed about half this pile for my wreath. Good to know, though I'd rather have extra than wind up in a "sticky" situation with not enough at the end! :) eh eh eh...
Step 2. 
You'll need something for the base of the wreath. Almost anything could work, really. I wish I'd kept at least one lid to a 5 gal. ice cream bucket. But sadly, in my purging cleanse before the move, I got rid of those (see? I knew I'd need it someday!!). Instead I used cardboard, cutting out a 9 inch circle and a 5 inch hole inside. 

Step 3. Sticking it to the Man
This can be the easiest craft in the word- glue sticks in a circle. But, if you're OCD like me, you like to make things complicated. I need a PROCESS! 

I went for a star pattern. I glued my longest 14 inch sticks in the shape of a 5 pointed star. I placed my smallest 7 inch sticks between those points. Then I added longer and longer sticks until I reached the longest points. 

I used different thicknesses to cover as much of the cardboard base as possible. At that point I could still see the cardboard base underneath, and my inner circle wasn't very even. I added a ring of fat 5 inch sticks around the inner circle. That made it look a lot better!

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Step 4. Spray it, Don't Say It
If you love the natural look, you could stop right here and not paint it. Since my front door is dark brown, the natural color of the sticks would have blended right in.

I gave my stick wreath a coat of white spray paint. I was prepared to do another coat but stopped. I liked that after one coat I could still see the dark details of some of the sticks. It reminded me of birch wood.

Step 5. Get Fabulous
I wanted a little glitz and snow like sparkle as a finishing touch. I brushed the whole wreath with white glue then sprinkled on glitter in a generous fashion.

Was it worth it? My wreath looks fabulous, but now I will have glitter in my house for the next hundred years.

Glitter defies the laws of cleaning. If I wipe, sweep, and wash everywhere I see glitter it should go away, right? Wrong. 

Think twice before allowing this substance into your life. But it's sooo pretty!

Hanging Out
This project took me 2 days, including drying time. No need for extra hanging hardware, I hung it on a nail through the hole in the wreath. I love my finished product! What do you think?

It's hard to capture the sparkle, but in person you can see that it's really blinged out!

 Are you getting your Christmas craft on, or are you still searching for your personal style? Share a link to what you're working on, I'd love to see!
<3 Alyssa

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