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Holiday House Tour 2012

Holiday House Tour

Merry Christmas from the Wines! We are spending the day with my family today and Jason's family tomorrow. I hope you have a great day with family and friends, and if you get a sec away from the presents and yummy food, check out my Christmassy house tour!

I've been waiting til now to share my decor, the glue gun has cooled, the good scissors are hidden again, and the crafting is DONE. Take a look around :)

I decorated my entry way, making the piano the focal point in this room. Got to keep things on shelves and on walls, anywhere high up away from Andrew's reach!

I tried to keep a common theme in every area I decorated. I put something natural, something metallic  and something quirky in every vignette.
At the piano meant, a glass vase filled with brass, gold, and silver ornaments with a pine bough stuck in and a glass tree filled with mini pine cones.

These vintage ornaments I found at the thrift store make beautiful vase filler!

My quirky element was this glittery church ornament. $1 from Walmart.

Here is the pine bough I shared a week ago. It's hanging with some shiny ornaments hangs next to the piano.

These are a collection of cheapo dollar ornaments and a few nice ones from Kohl's. I love putting nicer quality items with inexpensive ones. If you're sneaky about it, most people can't tell half the decor came from the dollar bins of Target, hahaha. 

Unless of course you tell the world what you did on a blog.

By the front door I added a few festive things to our catch-all entry table. There it is again, something natural, something metal, and something quirky in the form of a bottle brush lion ornament I bought this year.

 I love him ;) This will be Andrew's ornament. I plan to carry on a tradition of buying each child an ornament every year. By the time I was married I had a whole tree full or ornaments to put up!

Speaking of tree, our 6 footer stands in the corner of our living room. Protected from curious baby hands by our two couches. So far Andrew hasn't shown much interest, thankfully! He's still too short to climb over the cushions. We may have to revise our plan for next year.

I picked up some new ornaments to fit my new color scheme- metals, white, and green. Loving this sailboat from Kohl's. I am tempted to keep it out all year and find a permanent home for it. 

There's also some pretty special ones up for the first time. Andrew's tiny hand print is one that we did last year and I cherish.

Around the room on all the windows is my paper star garland. They are fun and elegant at the same time!

Our dining room is still a bit bare. I still need to find a buffet and hang some art on the wall. For now I'm using this big blank wall to showcase an ornament wreath I made. I didn't get around to sharing the step by step, but there are so many great tutorials out there already I figured I'd let them speak for themselves.

Bottom line- it was so easy and the result is {imho} stunning!

Out front on our porch are some familiar faces. 

The stick wreath is still holding up great. Although I get a poke now and then if I try to pass by without opening the door wide enough. Merry Christmas! Let me put your eye out as you enter my house!!

And the frosty pine cones are looking great tied to the lamp.

A last minute addition was some glittery mini poinsettias placed in my rosemary topiary. Definitely a little quirky. It kind of reminds me of the back of the Grinch's head, with some flowers stuck on. Maybe it's Mrs. Grinch.

We survived ya'all. Christmas is here, and we can take a breather from crafting, shopping, and pinning for one afternoon and ENJOY the fruit of our labors. 

I'm so blessed to have my sweet guy and little guy in my life. I'm so thankful for the life we have and for Jesus who makes this season so sweet!

Be safe, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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