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Pine Cone Craftiness!

I love decorating with natural materials. Not because I especially care about the environment or anything. It's because they look darn cool in my house and are, let's all say it together... FREE!

Now THAT is speaking my language!

Pine cones are my medium of choice lately. Here are 3 quick nature inspired crafts that are light on the budget! Enjoy, they're "fir" you! eh eh eh...

Pine bough with Ornaments
On one of Andrew and my park ventures, the same one where I collected all the sticks for my Twig Wreath, I spied a stellar stick.

It was super cool looking, it spoke to me. It said, Alyssa, I am perfect for hanging ornaments on. Take me home now! Oh, and you have mustard on your cheek."

 I took apart a pine swag I got for a couple bucks at last year's post Christmas clearance, snipped it with wire cutters, and wired it to the stick.

  I tied some ornaments, most of which from the 99 Cent store, to the bottom bough with cotton twine. I love it!

I only spent about $9 for all the ornaments. The ones from Kohl's are glass, and the rest are plastic!

Frosty Pine cones
I passed by my mom's house and there were crews trimming some giant pine trees on either side of the street. Scattered all over the place were tons of big, beautiful pine cones! I gathered up a few of those beauties to be the stars of this next craft.

I wanted to hang the cones with ribbon. I tried pushing eye hole screws into the stems, but they were too tough. I switched to a hammer and nails. I pounded the nail in about half way, then curled over the end with pliers. It worked!

For a frosty effect I brushed the top halves with white glue, then sprinkled on a generous amount of Epsom Salt.
It makes a really fun wintery effect!

 I love how it looks like they've just been dusted with Jack Frost's magic.

Never far behind is my little Shaddow. Thankfully our welcome mat is rather pokey on Andrew's feet, and makes a good I-want-to-run-into-the-street! barrier.

My Mama's Frosty Pine cones are the bomb!

Thanks, Buddy, you didn't have to say that.

Pine cone Door Hanger
Another score from last year's clearance was a pine spray with red berries on it. Now that I've finally found my Christmas style (see the mood board here!) I had to switch things up to make them work with my new holiday direction.  I hot glued some silver twigs and gold berries from Michaels, and finished it off with... oh yes, a pine cone.

Such an easy switch, and now it matches my new scheme perfectly.

Think about the decorations you don't put out anymore because they just "don't go" with your style. Could a bit of hot glue magic transform it into something you do love and proudly display?

We're heading out soon to spend the day with family. Have a great weekend!

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