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Embarassingly Easy Christmas Garlands! {and one fail}

UPDATE: Thank you Kristi for featuring my paper stars here!

Merry Craft-mas! 

Oh wait, what? It's suppose to be "Christ-mas?" Hm, well, baby, I've got my craft face on here and I've come to play hard this season. It's been so nice getting my craft on again after a long hiatus! I haven't crafted ever since this Summer when we first made plans to move, then packed up our house, and then moved into our new place (see the tour here!). 

We are settling in quite nicely and I can start to bejazzle this place up for Craftmas! I made two easy-peasy, cheaper than a Happy Meal garlands this week. It was suppose to be three... but the third one started looking ugly. I think it's a fail. See for yourself and you decide.

Embarassingly Easy (and cheap!) Garland#1: 
Wrapping Paper Stars

This garland is easy to make. As easy as folding paper! 'Cause it is... folding... paper... ahem.

This was inspired by Kristine of Let's Get Crafty. She made her stars out of cereal boxes. Imagine the possibilities! You could also make these using scrap book paper, Christmas cards, book pages, and not to mention last year's wrapping paper!

  • Wrapping paper 
  • Hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
Step 1. Fold and Cut the Paper
I bought a roll of silver wrapping paper from Michael's for $3 (50% off) . I cut out squares in a few different sizes, 8 inch, 7 inch, and 6 inch.

 I followed a video tutorial from Oh Amanda to fold my squares into stars. Don't be intimidated! If I can get this, anyone can.

If there's one thing that makes me feel really stupid and really fed up, it's trying to fold minuscule pieces of paper into the Chrystler building or a diorama of Custer's last stand. 

But be not alarmed. This is not origami. THIS star business is doable and doesn't set my eye twitching. In fact, by the third one I had the whole thing memorized. Take that, oragami shmoragami.

When the stars unfold the creases come out all funkyfied. I re-creased the lines so the points faced up and the corners face down.
After re-creasing:

Step 2. Mark the Creases
For extra awesomeness I drew some black lines to give definition. Now the folds really stand out!

Step 3. Hole Punch and String on
Punch holes in the tips of each star and thread the cord through. I used hemp cord (already had) and tied  lose knots around each star to hold it in place. You could also use ribbon, lace, or string too. Anything goes!

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I have these garlands hanging from all my living room windows. I love how they sort of look like metal. And I love that the whole project cost me $3!

Embarrassingly Easy Garland #2: 
Mason Jar Lids

This one was inspired by the lovely work of Kristin of Simply Klassic. I just so happened to have a bag of several sizes of Mason jar lids handy. Woo hoo! Since I already had the hemp twine, I scored this craft for FREE!

  • Mason Jar lids
  • Hemp cord
This is so embarrassingly easy I literally can't even write steps for it. 

The One Step: Tie 'em together.
Tie each lid together with a knot. I had an assortment of lid sizes, so I made a pattern of large, small small. To tie them together, I cut 5 inch lengths of hemp cord and it was just enough to secure the lids without the ends sticking out too much. 5 minutes later, I had my lovely, vintage, modern, and cool garland done!

I hung this one in my kitchen windows. It seems to make sense, canning jar lids in the kitchen... right? I love the lines of this baby.

It also looks great on the tree too!

And now here's the last one. The one that is Our third embarrassingly easy (and dirt cheap by the way too!) Christmas garland.

Embarassingly Easy Garland #3:
Knotted Ribbon "Chain"

I was trying to find a light weight garland for the tree. I love the brass chain garland Emily Henderson used in her Christmas design so much!

But besides being pricey, I was afraid that chain might be too heavy for our modest, 6 foot tree to bear. I slept on it, hoping for ideas. And then at Joann Fabric I spied this glitter ribbon for $1.50 (50% off). It's meant for presents, but I thought it might work for my purposes!

I used two strands at a time and made a double knot every 1 1/2 inches.

I'm not sure how I feel about this so far.  Does it remind you of linked chain? Does it look like some present ribbon barfed on my tree? I think I need to sleep on it.

Are you making any garlands for Christmas? Any Christmas craft fails yet? What have you used as your medium of choice?

UPDATE: Thanks Holly of Life as a Thrifter for featuring my Mason Jar Lid garland!

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P.S. Taking our Christmas pics today! Here's the one we took last year :)
 How my Munchkin has grown!
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