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Moving Sanity Savers!


The big truck is here and Jason and some of our strong friends are loading up all our worldly possessions as we speak. Tonight will be our first night sleeping in our new place!

This week I've been mighty busy packing up, and I learned a few money savers and shortcuts along the way!

Moving Money Saver #1: 
Boxes, for Freeeeeee?
It's more than possible to not pay a cent for your moving boxes. That is, if you don't mind putting out a little extra effort.

 There always free boxes advertised on Craigslist, all you have to do is pick them up! Here's how to find them.

On your local Craigslist homepage, type in "box" or "boxes". I've found the plural form of "boxen" doesn't yield great results.

Scroll down to find "free stuff" and click search.

Another little known resource for free boxes is your local grocery store. When we moved from our apartment into our first house, I got my boxes almost entirely from the produce section of my Stater Bros.

Moving Money Saver #2
Keep Shelves and Hardware Together
I hate re-buying lost parts and hardware! To help keep important pieces together, I bagged all screws and hardware for every wall hanging and taped it to their corresponding item. I added a card with the name on it, just in case the baggie and shelf got separated. I'll be able to hang this again easily, without searching for missing parts!

Moving Money Saver #3:
DIY Box Filler
I discovered this when looking for a cheaper box filler. Instead of buying packing peanuts I used up our old phone books. I ripped off about a quarter inch worth of pages, held both sides between my hands, spine facing up, and pulled up the pages one by one until I had something that looked like this.
The spine holds the paper together, and it makes awesome  fluffy filler!

Moving Time Saver #1
Moving Packing Paper vs. Newspaper
I'm all for saving money! But in this instance it's worth it to spend a few extra bucks. Instead of wrapping dishes and fragile items in newspaper, which will leave a nice gray mess on anything it touches, try packing paper instead. I bought a roll of 70 sheets for $4.95 at Home Depot. The sheets are as large as newspaper, but without the smudgy mess!

Moving Time Saver #2
Tape Up Hangers
Clothes hangers are one of the most unruly and unpackable items ever. Who wants to untangle a bag of dozens of hangers?? I hold onto my sanity by taping them up, around 10 at a time with masking tape. Just a small piece on each of the hanger's "shoulders" will keep them in place and make a world of difference. You will be glad you did this!

Moving Time Saver #3
Label packages
When I packed up something I rarely use, I labeled the item in Sharpie so I could know what it was without having to unwrap it again.

Label Some Boxes... Creatively

This is not a moving money saver, or time saver. Rather, it is a purely evil way to mess with your moving friends.

I wrote the room the stuff had come from, and some key items on the top and side of the box. That way we'll know where it goes from any angle.

However, on just a few boxes, do this-
Sprinkle in some colorful titles like 
"Extra Crocodile Traps" or 
"Family Tooth Collection" on a few boxes, 
just to keep your mover friends guessing.

Moving On
At the end of the day Jason and I are going to collapse on the floor, exhausted but in pure delight that our move is OVER!

Have you moved? Are you planning to sometime soon? How do you save time and money for the big day?

<3 Alyssa
Let's stay in touch!
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