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Mid-century Modern Desk Resuscitation!

Have you been introduced to my latest love?

I have fallen madly, deeply for mid-century modern style, or MCM as the pros say *cough, cough. Yeah that's me! This love affair mainly revolves around my fascination with legs (this is sounding strange...). I'm excited to show you my new piece, brought back to life!

For starters, I wanted to find out what exactly makes something mid-century modern. Here's what I found out!

The Skinny on Mid-Century Modern
This style hit right around the 50's, and is seeing quite a revival these days! Just think Mad Men.

Mid-century modern is known for it's sleek, clean lines and masculine functionality. The favored materials used are Teak and other woods, brass, fiberglass, and plastic.

And oh, those legs! Not Don Draper's legs (um ew). All those long graceful legs on everything from buffets to end tables to sofas! *whistles, ow!

I've been stalking Craigslist for a leggy MCM piece of my very own. Last week I finally snagged this desk for our kitchen area. It was in great shape and still had the original hardware on it. For a cool $100 it was mine!
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When we got it home I assessed what condition it was in. Overall it was great, just a few nicks and scratches.

First I cleaned it with a wet sponge. I contemplated using a cleaner, but some shouldn't be used on waxed surfaces, and who knows what's been put on this wood over the last 50 years? So I went the safe route and stuck with plain old water.

I used a Magic Eraser sponge (actually one of the cheap generic ones) to scrub off some scuffs and paint splatters.

There were a few serious gouges that needed attention. I did a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper, then wiped the wood clean with a damp cloth.

Old English- I'm a believer

This was my final step to bringing this old lady back to life! I'd never tried Old English before, but I'd read that it worked great to hide nicks and imperfections in wood. I bought a bottle of Old English for Dark Woods and read the instructions. I dabbed a small amount on a rag and rubbed it into the scuffed areas.

They disappeared! Way less stressful than trying to strip the wood, match the stain, refinish... Plus Andrew was down for a nap, and I needed this done before he woke up!

If you haven't used it before, I suggest you try it!

Handling This
I removed the hardware to clean the drawers. I was bummed to find that the metal had oxidized and there was no resurrecting it. My next best bet was to find something similar at the hardware store.

I stayed with the brass look, something they had on hand, and at a good price. I paid $3.97 a piece for the handles and $1.37 each for the knobs. Total came to $13.19 after a 10% off coupon to Lowes.

I put on my new hardware for the finishing touch, added some styling, and let this lady work her gams.

I am so in love with this piece! It's my first official mid-century modern vintage furniture for the house. I'm stoked!! I added some of my framed art and a cork board for a "collected" look. It's just a for now arrangement, but what do you think?

What style are you into right now? Do you love my leggy lady too? have you found any perfect pieces to fit in your home?

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