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Happy Thanksgiving... BLACK FRIDAY From the Wines!

Ok, Thanksgiving is past. So happy Black Friday!

Did you survive the feasting, traveling, relative-visiting, and dishes-doing of yesterday only to be trampled underfoot by a frenzied mob of bargain hunters of Wal Mart today?

My husband who hates shopping, crowds, and lines, decided to brave the insanity and make a run to Best Buy today. The good news is he made it out with his life, and his loot too! (paid for, of course :)

Other than that little excursion, we're staying in, battening down the hatches, and staying the HECK away from Wal Mart.

I hope you had a fabulous Turkey Day yesterday. Here's what ours looked like!

We drove up to my parents' house in the afternoon to spend our day hanging out, and pigging out. Andrew loved playing with his Uncle Chris. My little brother is just as wacko as I am (nice hat, man.)

My mom went all out and put out a killer spread of pre-feasting goodies. And pies for later!
My dad, in true Craft Fail form, produced a veggie turkey WIN, complete with original picture and "Nailed it!" caption. Lol, nice Dad :).

Mom was quite proud of his accomplishment.

We popped outside before dinner to take some family pictures in my parents' beautiful front yard. Say, cheese log!

This year, our 4th anniversary happened to fall on Thanksgiving! Happy 4 years, Baby! I love this guy more every single year :).

Back inside, and it was time for feasting. There's nothing like turkey, our family's special stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce!

So we accidentally forgot the high chair, so, um, we improvised. Our dear son spent his first cognizant Thanksgiving on the floor in his car seat. Please pass the Parent of the Year award!

Thankfully Andrew didn't mind a bit. He was just happy to taste all the good stuff! This kid gives "good eater" a new definition.

After dinner we spent the evening playing cards and chatting in a Turkey induced partial coma.

Yes my husband has a cast on his wrist. One word: hockey. : /

Towards the end of the night, Andrew helped Uncle check traffic conditions on his iPhone. Then we packed up, said our goodbyes, and settled in for the drive home.

A great day of hanging out with family! I'm off to enjoy the only thing that could be better than Thanksgiving dinner. LEFTOVERS!

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