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SoCal Is No Place for Halloween

This happens every year.

It's 85 degrees out and it's Halloween. How may I ask do they expect us to stuff our kids into full body polyester suits, let them run them around, and keep them happy?? I felt pretty sorry for my little Munchkin (he is the dragon below).

I know it's hard to tell with that amazing costume, but it is my son, not a real dragon.

Maybe next year we'll go as something that requires a little less surface area, like a Tarzan or Ryan Lochte. But it's too late now. The costume is bought and paid for, and there shall be pumpkin patches and pictures.

Thankfully it cooled off to around 80 yesterday afternoon. I threw Andrew in the car and we high tailed it out while the sun was still shining! (Is it just me or does the sun set in a hurry this time of year?)

I was flying solo, with Jason still at work. Putting past failed photo sessions out of mind, we went for it. The little man was a trooper! You have earned your candy well, my son.

That's it, *click!... yes, work it, *click! work it!

The sweetest little dragon tushie I ever did see.

Ug. can't.stand.the.cuteness. I'm sorry, but my kid is the cutest human ever, and that's all I have to say about it.

And of course he lit up whenever he knew had an audience. What a ham :) Would that be a boiled ham...? : / We wrapped things up and I stripped him down for a break from his dragony sauna situation.

Later on we checked out a carnival at our local Chick Fil A in Rancho. I thought Andrew might get scared of their giant cow, but he thought it was hilarious.

He especially got a kick out of sticking his finger up the cow's nose. Come on, you know you've always wanted to do that to a cow. I'd probably do it myself. That's my child.

Andrew made it through the whole evening no sweat. Well there was sweat. But at least not the stress kind. Working a photo shoot gives me a hot flash too! What is up with that?

But everybody has a limit.

Happy Halloween! What are you up to today? Getting in some bloggy time before heading out? Will you be stuffing your kids into polyester bodysuits for some Halloween heat stroke too? 
<3 Alyssa

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