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Our House 3 Years Later- BIG Before and After!

Want a lift?

Pinterest got you discouraged?

Try what I did- bust out the album from when you first moved in  and see how far it's truly come since then!

Even if you consider your place not quite "complete" or "finished" yet, like I definitely do, you deserve to feel proud of what you have accomplished in your space thus far. Are you dusting off the albums yet?

I took a break from from the want to dos today and had fun looking back at the have dones! And giving myself a self high five... awkwardly.

We're Moving Right Along
Growing up we had one house. As in we never moved, ever. 33 years later my parent's still own our house!

As J and I started out our married life, I quickly realized we wouldn't have the "one house" kind of life. We were in our first apartment for a year, and after only being in our first home for just 3 years, we are moving again! 

Did you grow up that way? One house your whole life?

Maybe you had the opposite childhood- a new place every few years. Strangely, even though I was a "lifer" as far as houses go, I'm ok with moving around. Actually, I get pretty excited about the adventure of starting fresh somewhere new!

It All Started... with a Horrifically Ugly House
Let's see how far we've come!

Our first house- the place that started all my diy adventures, and this blog! Looking back at these Before photos has made me feel something I rarely do- good about myself without a trace of self criticism.

I am almost shocked by how far we've brought this house in only 3 years.  Check this out!

Curb Appeal
This is how our house looked on the outside when we bought it 3 years ago-

Rough stuff!We joked we could only improve from here, since we were clearly the dog on the block! Gross! Jason needs to take all the credit for the improvement on the outside. He chopped down the scraggly Olive tree, dug out the stump, removed the brick circle, and installed sprinklers!Way to go, Baby!

Did you see those fabulous Olympic Torch-esque outdoor lights we had going on before? We traded them in for a more updated look.

Also new outside, a security door to let the breeze in, brightly colored flowers in the flowerbed, and fun wreath I switch out each season. :)

Living Room
Enter our abode and you'll land in the living room. When we got here it was a fleshy paint colored dim box.

I'd consider this room the most improved! We've certainly put the most work into it. Jason and his brothers and dad laid tile throughout the downstairs, and we painted the walls a brighter cream. This spring we added some white wall molding to break up those tall walls. 

This room is home to a bunch of my DIY experiments too. There's my sharpie pen curtains,

and impressionistic painted canvases, proving anyone can paint (even the painting inept like me!)

This was a personal eye sore as well as a safety hazard. We had rusting, low metal railing up the stairs and on the upstairs hall. Perfect baby dropping scenario : / *shudder. 

I was so happy we had it replaced with sturdy, much higher half walls! Goodbye rusty, rickety railing!

I had lofty plans for a gallery wall on the long wall to the right of the TV, that was short lived. I might actually do it right in our next place.

Dining Room
Definitely a blank canvas when we moved in!  

New tile, paint, and a fun plate wall helped liven up the place!

We started with your basic '80's set up. Even though it was dated, I loved how much counter and cabinet space I had! Our new kitchen will be quite a bit smaller, and I will miss this!

I had dreams of a sparkling glass back splash and white cabinets, but we didn't quite get there. We did manage to repaint and tile, add a new faucet and appliances.

Well, it's a little more colorful than we found it. A few bar stools made it feel more cozy in here. I wish I could have painted them a bright aqua! I still might... next house, next house...

Family room/ fireplace room/ band room...etc.
This room was forced to wear a lot of hats! Things started out pretty rough with that scary fireplace staring at us.
Oh yeah, it looked evil.

We painted it a neutral color, added a pop of color with an accent wall, and new tile on the floor.  Although most of the week it looked like this (due to our worship band's gear) (OK most of it was ours)-

For a few hours on Sunday morning (while we were gone) it looked like this!

The Office
This room has never before been seen on this blog! (tell you why in a sec). The color was a little crazy, but the chair rail molding was nice.

We made some improvements in this space, but it was never a space I was particularly proud of. No frills, purely function!

This is where I sit to blog every week. Welcome to my space! Jason made that desk on the window wall out of a door, inspired by this pic and we put a Target filing cabinet underneath for extra storage. 

There was nothing going on in here when we settled in. So much so that I didn't even bother taking a pic!

Thankfully Andrew arrived 2 years later, and that's when the nursery came to life! I added some framed ABC art, custom valance, and white baby furniture from Craig's List. 

I'm big on bright pops of color. I wanted it to be gender neutral and fun. This changing table was my first ever furniture repaint project, so glad it worked!

Upstairs Bath
Our upstairs "kids" bath started out pretty wap- wah.

It definitely got the star treatment with refinished cabinets! At least I got one set of cabinets painted in this house. :) Bold greens and a Warhol-esque rubber ducky print brought some life in here.

Master bedroom
There was wood flooring randomly only in our bedroom. It looked nice at first, but upon closer inspection we could tell it was poorly installed and had to go.

We carpeted the whole thing and painted on our new colors. I was lucky enough to inherit my grandparent's bedroom set which we put in here, added new curtains, and hung the nail head headboard I made.

My headboard got featured on iVillage. So exciting! :)

Of course I had many more plans for our getaway space. But our plans to move hit right in the middle of my bedroom makeover. Next house, next house...!

Our master bathroom has also never been seen before on le blog. Same fleshy paint on the walls and dated cabinets.

I spruced it up a bit, new curtain, rugs, and shell art.

That's a Wrap
There it is! Our house in 3 years from beginning to end! I'm super proud of how far we've come since moving in, but I can't help feel a little bummed that there is still a ton more that I wanted to do to our home.

That's the way it goes, though. There's always more ideas, new ways to decorate, and DIY to be attempted. I'm ok with the fact that I didn't get all I wanted to done here. 

I'm learning decorating is an ever evolving process, 
not a destination.

I'm never going to "arrive" at some perfect set up for a room or house. It will morph and change as I switch things out and try different ideas. So, take your time, have fun, and remember to celebrate the progress along the way!

Ever had to move still feeling like your work here isn't quite done? 

<3 Alyssa

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