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We are Selling our House!!

Selling our Nest!
This is a pretty big news for us as a family, and definitely for what Clever Nest is all about. We are moving!!

Daddy's Long Drive
Jason works in aerospace. Maybe you're like me and when you hear aerospace you picture space shuttles blasting off and astronauts flying around. Apparently aerospace only means "flying things" related. So much to my disappointment, Jason's actual job involves designing airplane parts and not outer space exploration. I can deal with that instead, I guess.

His job is currently 35 miles away in Orange County and it takes him about an hour to commute there and back each day. The commute was working ok for us, up until Andrew was born. Then it really started to take it's toll on J and me. At first it wasn't so bad, Andrew went to sleep around 9:45pm and Jason had plenty of time to be with us before bed.

Now that Andrew is older his bedtime is at 7:00, and Jason sometimes sees him for only 15 minutes before Andrew goes off to bed. Not cool :(. (Stretching bedtime is not an option, Andrew and Mommy are both d-o-n-e and it wouldn't be pretty, haha)

Something had to give.

Show and Sell
We decided we wanted to move closer to his work in the OC and took the plunge. We listed our house, wondering how long it would take to sell and what it would be like having our house in "show" condition non stop. We didn't have to wonder long! We listed it in the afternoon, by dinner someone was looking at it, and we had an offer the next morning!

I think I have this blog to thank for that, in a way. When we were looking to buy this house 3 years ago, what we found in our price range was pretty scary, haha. Forclosures, short sales, places that were trashed by disgruntled owners, old old old houses with ancient features, and itty bitty layouts. This house was one of the better deals. And since we've been working on it for the past 3 years, I think we brought it up to pretty much the top of it's price range as far as looks. Just look at what we did!

Painted all the rooms
Added decorative molding to living room
Updated stairs
New tile floor down stairs
New carpet upstairs
New lawn
Installed sprinklers
Flower bed
New fence

All told, we think it was looking pretty good for our asking price. Our realtor even said we'd been smart about our improvements. Paint and flooring go a long way toward making a home more appealing. Whereas major upgrades like kitchens and baths aren't getting the return they once did in our market. Now I'm glad we didn't attempt to tackle them!

What does this mean for the blog?
I haven't done much in home decor since Spring, really. Behind the scenes I've been taking stuff down and packing it up. Andrew likes to help pack too. :)

Don't worry! I've got plans for lots of stuff to share while we're in transition, including Moving Money Saver ideas, our search for a new place, and some pretty sweet pics of our current home from when we first moved in to now! And once we get in our new place, I'll have a whole new nest to start on!

Let the journey begin. Thanks for coming along for the ride!
<3 Alyssa

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