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Baby's Monthly Photos: Big Fat Fail! {Guest Posting @ The Foley Fam!}

WHAT A WEEKEND! If you were wondering what happened to me and my regular Saturday post, I'm still here! Things like the holiday weekend, planning Andrew's birthday, guest posting, and moving have been keeping me quite busy!

Yes, that's what I said- MOVING! 
We are packing up and getting out of dodge, folks. But more on that later this week. And I'll dedicate a lot more than a few sentences to that subject too!

I Won! I Won!
About a month ago I entered a giveaway hosted by Kristine of The Foley Fam: Unedited, and, *gasp, I won!
Kristine is bubbly and energetic, a loving mommy and down to earth blogger. Check out her blog here! She had offered up for grabs a month of personal blog promoting, and boy did she do an amazing job! This past month I've gotten a ton more views, GFC followers, and Facebook likes! If you've found me via Kristine, thank you for being here!

I got to do a guest post on Kristine's blog. I talked about the trials and travails I'm having with Andrew's monthly pictures. It went up last night, but in case you missed it, I thought I'd post it here for all my "regulars" :).

Baby's Monthly Photos: Fail!
Hi! I'm Alyssa. I'm a crafter, thrifter, recycler, and scrounger on a mission to DIY my way into fabulousness! On my blog you'll see me experimenting with various DIY home projects, trying out new crafting techniques, and discovering new ways to save a buck!

Let met tell you about one DIY project I've almost thrown in the towel finished with. Proving things don't always go as planned! :) It's all about the process... right?

Destination Parenthood
We had our first baby, Andrew Carter, last September and BAM! my life was changed forever. This tiny person was mine to care for, nurture, and protect. And make all my first time mommy mistakes on! lucky child.

I was already into DIYing my house, but the arrival of our sweet Munchkin opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for me to create for, make memories, and start new traditions with! 

There was one thing I knew I especially wanted to do- 
take a picture each month for his whole first year of life.

Baby's First Year (don't mess it up)
No big deal- my kid will only have to look at these pictures for the rest of his life. 'Cause I will be plastering them all over the house, and busting out the album every time he brings over a girl (I'll have a special section in the photo album titled, "The Nakies"). I'll be sending them to family near and far who want to see him as he grows up. No pressure!!

I saw how Sherri of Young House Love took pics of her little girl regularly (every week!) during her first year and at her daughter's first birthday party, displayed all 52 of them for everyone to see.


I figured, I can do that! Take a photo a month til he's 1? no sweat! I went into Andrew's First Month shoot with, shall we say, an overconfident ego.

First Timer's Luck
One month olds are perfect photo shoot subjects. Why? 'Cause they don't move. Well, they do, a little. But if/when they do it's more of arm or leg action. And let's face it, they're not going anywhere.

There were times I actually had to wait for Andrew to "do" something photo worthy to snap another pic. 

I counted over 50 shots I took that day that were all "ok" to "good" quality.
And got a few that I thought turned out really good!

 First birthday party, here I come. It was no trouble at all to get what I thought were pretty darn good shots, and I was an amateur too! As far as the basics go, I had it nailed-

As the months went on, 2, 3, 4, 5, I was feeling so great about how my sessions were going that I shared my established "process" for setting up, taking the pics, and editing in the numbered circles I was adding to Andrew's onesie on the blog. I'm such a pro!! I thought.

Speak Too Soon
Andrew turned 9 months. And things went downhill. He had started crawling at around 6 months, which I could deal with, but now things were just out of hand. Our monthly session had gone from a calm, relaxing mommy-baby bonding time to more of an exercise in herding and evading.

Last month, taking Andrew's 10 month shots, I felt nothing like the bored photographer waiting for some action, "Oh, he finally moved!".

Instead I was acting more like a crazed fanatic attempting to capture the elusive Sasquatch,

"Oh, there he is! wait... he was there a second ago! I swear, he's not blurry in real life. Ohh, oooh, this one you can almost make out his face!"

And my number of usable shots got cut by half.
Note to self- find the "10 Month Old" speed setting on my camera.
 head but no body...
Mommy toe photo bomb.
aaand there goes my backdrop...
I give up.

Handfuls of shots of appendageless torsos, torsoless appendages, my toes showing, the backdrop being pulled down, grrraAAARG! Is there a Photoshop fix for this??

Zip It Sister
Stop! Don't tell me. I've tried everything. really, I have. Food, toys, making funny faces or noises, timing the shoot when he's fed and happy, or sleepy, or alert.
Nothing has seemed to work. By the time I pull the camera up to my face to click a shot, I'd be looking at nothing but rumpled sheets and a few uneaten puff snacks if I'm lucky.

That's an actual photo from our last session. *sigh. Let's pause for a second to see how my quality checklist is doing now.
At least he's still happy!! I'm blessed that my boy is always in such a good mood. Mommy is only the one close to doing the Death Cry.

The End is Near
I don't know how other moms manage to make it through a full year of this. I suspect some major Photoshopping going on... mm hmm : / . I'm not sure if I'm going to make it til then! Statistically speaking I should only get maybe 10 usable shots by our last shoot. can't.stop.what.I.started. *eye twitch.
As for now, and my here to fore I'm such a pro!! attitude, I'm eating a piece of humble pie, and giving myself a reality check. Next time I think I've got things down and  all figured out, I need to remember that my kid is a kid and may have other plans! I have a happy and healthy BOY with a mouth full of Puff snacks, who loves to move. I can think of worse fates. And I'll take that over a nice picture any day. :)
<3 Alyssa

P.S. I'll be posting the full 12 month spread at the end of this month. Check back to see if I made it through til the end!
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