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Bedroom Makeover: The Bedding Edition

Forward ho!

Time for a much needed update to my bedroom makeover! When last we saw it, I had put together some pictures of my targeted style, picked a color scheme and made a new flower arrangement to go with the new look.

I'm excited to show you what I've been up to!

Game Day
I've never given a very coherent set of goals for this room. Here's the official game plan for the changes I'm making, so you'll know where I'm headed. There's more "before" pics of my bedroom in my house "progress" post here.

Ze Bedroom Plan:

And now, tuuuurn to the right of the bed-

aaaaand now turn to the left of the bed.

My main mission:

Swap out the warm red and chocolate, uber traditional style in exchange for something light, elegant, and yet eclectic with a sprinkling of vintage charm on top! :)

Nah, not too much to ask. 

Colorwise I'm shooting for a palette somewhere in this ballpark: seafoam, aqua, yellows, white, and gray. You can get a better idea of my bedroom inspirations by checking out my Pinterest board
All About the Bed
This post is all about the bed. It's one of the biggest focal points in any bedroom. With layers of fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns, it's obvious why it makes such a big bang in any bedroom swircheroo.

Here's where I'm at as of now-

What's New? 
A rule of thumb for creating depth and interest to a bed is to mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures. I'm no expert, but I try to keep that in mind when choosing items.

First up, new comforter! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally. I searched and searched and searched for WAY TOO LONG for the perfect gray and white bedding. Like 6 months. I guess that's what comes with being a little OCD, that's just how I roll.

I landed on Target's Global Geo Comforter in gray.

 I love the subtle, feminine but very current pattern. And the solid gray underside gives it added interest when folded down. It was $89 - a $50 birthday gift card from my birthday =$39 spent.

To go with the new comforter, I got a gray microfiber bedskirt from Walmart, $15. Not terribly exciting, but important to have because it coordinates with the comforter and helps ground the bed visually. Bedskirts seem to me like the deodorant of the bedding world. Nobody notices until you forget to put it on. 

Not all beds need a bedskirt to look "finished". It was necessary for us since we don't have a real bedframe, and if I did without, there'd be a nice full on view of the spindly metal legs with plastic wheels. 

So we'll keep the skirt down.

Throw pillow! I love crusing the clearance end caps in Tarshay's home sections, 'cause you never know what you might find. Case in point this marigold embroidered pillow I spied clearanced from $19.99 down to $13.99, and it was mine, all mine.

Euros. As I was browsing through a JcPenny Outlet,  they were unwrapping a massive pallet of clearanced pillows (that sentence alone gets my bargain hunter blood boiling). Giamungous, 2x2 Euro size pillows for $7.99 each. $7.99 each!! The original price tag says $25, that's more than 70% off!. 

You better believe I went into combat mode and snapped them up faster than you can say jiminy clearance.

Hold on now, those are outdoor pillows!

I did have that thought. And I did stop briefly mid dash to thoughtfully consider the kosherness of my plan.

The only real difference about outdoor designated pillows is that the canvas material is a bit stiffer and rougher than typical bedding pillows. We wouldn't be resting our heads on these directly since we'd take them off the bed to sleep, so the feel wouldn't really be an issue. 

Verdict? I wasn't about to let a little stereotype like "outdoor furniture pillow" stop me (did I mention they were $7.99??). That'd be crazy talk.

The layers are building!
(Painters tape=  possible future headboard)

Pillow Talk
I'm laying it down right now that I am pretty pillowy arrangey illiterate. How do people keep track of such things? I've honestly never paid that good attention to what size and in what order bed pillows go on a bed. 

Thankfully, this chart from Roost (Marissa Walden Interiors) is a huge help. Pinned it! This serves as my pillow primer until I can function a little better on my own.

I liked the look of column "b", bottom row option. Something about the fullness of all those layers of pillows makes the bed seem that much more comfy to me. 

How do you navigate the pillow arena? Are there any general rules you go by?

Pick a Combo, Any Combo
There's such a seemingly endless combination of patterns and colors for bedding, that sometimes it starts to make my head spin. 

I've got a solid bedskirt, patterned comforter, patterned pillow, solid white pillows, patterned pillows (comforter set coordinates), solid euro pillows, and solid headboard. Each has a unique texture. I think the euros could use some pattern and texture for some added interest.  I'm thinking I can re-cover or alter them so they won't be quite such a bold solid color, and fit in better with the rest of the bedding, 

I played around with some possibilities for the euros and future headboard to see how each one might look. I could use some help deciding which combo to go with! Which one is your favorite?

         a) beige headboard and seafoam euros       b) beige headboard and aqua euros       
        c) seafoam headboard and beige euros       d) seafoam headboard and aqua euros

Where Does the Money Go?
Budget is always always always an important factor in my diy. As decor stuff is my weakness, there's always a temptation to overspend and go a little crazeh in that department.

The way J and I budget, my "home decor" money is part of the same category as what we allocate for me to spend on fast food and entertainment and a few other things during the month. If I have money leftover in the fast food or other categories at the end of the month, I can put it towards something else, which is usually on decor. :) And also, if I overspend on home decor stuff during the month (psh, that never happens), I know I need to pack a few more pbjs instead of rolling through the drive thru quite so often that month. Knowing there are "consequences" if I overspend (however small) definitely helps keep me on budget!

You may have a totally different system for budgeting that works great for you. Everybody's different. We're really happy with our setup and it's been working great for us.

So, let's see how much this phase cost.

Grand Total :
$39 Comforter ($89-$50 gift card)
$15 Walmart Bedskirt
$13 Marigold Pillow (clearance)
$24 Three Euro pillows (70% off)
Total $91

Just for fun, let's total up what I could have spent, if I'd bought everything full price (still shopping at Walmart and Target mind you, lol).

Full price Grand Total:
$89 Comforter
$15  Bedskirt
$19.99 Marigold Pillow
$75 Three Euro pillows
Total $198.99
That's a $108 difference!!

And that's why I shop clearance, and I'm sure you do too. Sometimes it's nice to know our end cap lurking is paying off, big time! Let's see where things stand with what still needs to be done on this project.

Bedroom Checklist:
  1. Comforter
  2. Pillows
  3. Bedskirt
  4. Headboard
  5. New lamp shades
  6. Mats for nightstands
  7. New nightstands, dressers
  8. Dye/paint curtains
  9. Paint/dye dresser runner
  10. Repaint walls?
  11. New art for beside the window, above bed, by the door
  12. New flower arrangement 
  13. Remove small lamps
  14. Remove wall decal
Have you guys done any bedroom makeovers? I'd love to see them. Send me a link in a comment! : )
<3 Alyssa

Andrew says, hope you had a happy 4th!

We celebrated with family and walked down to a park, where we decided to try putting him on the swing for the first time. 
I wasn't sure how he'd react.
 He clearly loved it :)

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