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Blowing the Cover on Bunting! + Template

UPDATE: Thanks Rebecca for featuring this on Best Bunting on the Block!

Calling It
That's it. I've decided. We're taking back Pinterest. It's not just for them anymore! (them being unknown yet secretly hated crafty people whose work we could never duplicate.)

Diary of a Craft Weenie
I love the look of bunting. Playful, classy, and it's just plain fun :). 

But every time I get inspired by a new craft or technique, this happens: a voice in my head (sort of like a flight attendant version of me) taps on my head microphone and says, 

"Yes it's gorgeous, Alyssa, but it looks complicated. You'll probably mess it up. You'll get stressed out. You might fail! Best not to proceed."

I'm ashamed to say too often I listen! Sometimes I manage to overcome this Debby Downer voice of mine and attempt it anyway. And, ready for the shocker? I usually discover it's not that hard after all! Duh.

I want to rip that mic out of that mini stuardess' hands and bop her on the head with it! It's time to stop being such a craft weenie. So here it is, *ahem*, 

Alyssa: stop being such a craft weenie, and get in there!!

So starting today I'm declaring war on that Anti Crafter voice of mine, and I vow to grow a spinal cord and craft fearlessly from now on! This bunting business is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fine Wines
My in-laws came back to town for a visit this month. We're really close to Jason's parents, and have missed them a ton since they left California this January. Grandma and Grandpa Wine hadn't seen Andrew since he was 3 months old! They were coming over for dinner and I wanted to make sure they felt especially welcome, right from the moment they pulled up to the house.

So I went for it, and tried my hand at this bunting. Turns out, bunting is easy! I feel it's only being responsible to blow it's cover. Me and my fellow craft weenies shall fear you no longer!! I'm up in your business, bunting, and I know what's up. 

Bunting Supplies:
  • 50 ft. Package of 1/4 in. Rope
  • Paint
  • Fabric scraps
I made a template for ya. If you like the size, print it out full size. If not, save the image and resize to your purposes.


This file is uploaded to Scribd. If you don't already have a Scribd account, it will ask you to create a username and password to download or print the image.

Step 1. What the Scrap?
I dig crafts that lend themselves to lots of different materials. These "flags" could be made from scrapbook paper, card stock, cardboard, fabric scraps... I had some leftover material from Andrew's nursery. I wonder how  this would turn out using other materials?

Step 2. Spell it Out. I painted each letter with Craft Smart craft paint. I can see this working with sharpies, fabric markers, stencils? Lots of possibilities!
I didn't worry about making the letters perfectly shaped or strictly even. I wanted a home made look. One that said, I love you enough to paint you a sign. :) For a sharper look, letter stencils would do nicely.

Step 3. String Them Along.  Other versions of bunting use sewing, glue or tape to join flags to rope. I didn't really want to bother with the sewing machine, so I took a trip to Home Depot looking for rope, not sure what I'd find. For $5, this package of 1/4 in. Manila rope was perfect, great color and rustic texture to fit my project's home made rusticness.

Don't be concerned, my thumb's not broken, just my secret power of being double jointed. 

Pizza or Taco?
I taped the end of the rope so it wouldn't fray, measured about 8 feet from one end, and tied a knot. For the first letter, I threaded the rope in one slit and out the other, flattened out the fabric piece, and tried to pull it along the rope.  

No bueno. The rope snagged on the fabric slits and stretched them out of shape. 

A  few seconds of head scratching, it came to me. I give you: The Taco Technique (patent pending). I folded each letter into a "taco", threaded the rope through both slits at the same time, and slipped the fabric all the way down the rope to the knot I'd made. 

I unfolded the letters only when they were in place. Much better!

I tacoed it up for the rest of the WELCOME letters, spacing them so the tips of each triangle was touching. I tied another knot after the last "E", measured 8 ft, and cut and taped the rope end.

Let's Overdo It, Shall We?
I had a nagging and possibly irrational fear that once I tied the banner up outside the letters would either slide around and get bunched up, or flip upside down and wrap up on the rope. To prevent a rascally letter revolt, I hot glued where the rope touched the fabric on each letter, and a dot or two where the fabric went over the rope on the tips.

It helped to tape down the rope for the gluing. That made sure all the flags would hang perfectly straight. 

I don't have OCD. *eye twitch*

Ditto on everything for the HOME sign, aaand... done! The sun rejoiceth with me at my glorious banner of merriment!

I love that I can repeat this project, using different materials, and have it come out looking completely different! (and I really love that it only cost me $5) A lovely, cheery hand made sign.

Family Time
Andrew had fun seeing his Grandma and Grandpa too! (he made this known by grabbing handfulls of their facial skin and pulling on it.)

I'm blessed to have these people for in laws, and awesome grandparents for Andrew. I heart my family :). (and they liked my sign too :) :)

Any family coming to visit you this summer? Doing any prep/ crafting to get ready? Do you have a little pessimistic stuardess in your head too?

<3 Alyssa
(ex Craft Weenie)

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