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Thanks, Little Bro

I've never been very patriotic. I'm not into parades or flag waving or Lee Greenwood.

That is, until my little brother joined the army.
I'm extremely grateful and proud of my bro, SPC Brian Donaldson for defending our country.

He made it through a tour in Afganistan, where he was awarded the Purple Heart for surviving an explosion when the vehicle he was riding in drove over an IED (road mine).  He was wounded, but not seriously, and is back to his good old normal self now. Way to go, Bro!
I'm so thankful God has kept him safe through it all!

I want to say THANK YOU to those who sacrifice their time and personal safety to protect our freedom. And also to their families. I know now how much the families of servicemen also give up so that their son/daughter/dad/mom/brother/sister/husband/wife can keep the rest of us safe!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

Yesterday we went to an all-church picnic where Andrew got to taste his first SnoCone. 


 Heck yes, Mom.

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