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One Minute Scarf Necklace

What is the last thing you think about when you are drifting off to sleep at night? I think about shredding scarves.

Habit confession: I try on clothes in my head to plan out what I'm going to wear the next day. Do you? It used to be worse, I used to sketch everything out,  in color, on a calendar. yeah. The less OCD "imaginary" version is definitely a time saver though. I avoid a 15 minute staring contest with the closet, 5 different outfit changes, and jewelry scattered all over the bed in the mornings.

This particular night I had it all down to the accessories, and started sifting through my necklace collection for the "perfect" thing to finish off my imaginary ensemble. I came up short, so I moved on to more innovative ideas.

How 'bout that colorful scarf from the 80's that mom gave me? In the morning I enacted my plan, and it worked! And it was easy!

I don't usually cover fashion ideas here, but this one was too easy and fun to pass up. Are you ready to look so good?? I can't help but think of Teen Girl Squad, "let's get ready to look SOOO GOOD!" lol. Tell me you've heard of it? :)

Here's how I did it. It took like one minute, seriously.

I used a 2x2 square scarf and cut it in half, making two triangles. There are 7 knots total, one in the middle and 3 on either side. This can work with a long thin scarf,  fabric scraps, an old dress tie or jacket tie. You could add knots if you use a longer scarf, or try it with just one double knot in the middle for a different look. Can you say Mother's Day gift??

To prove that you can do this in 60 seconds, I have prepared this just for you. Be advised, this video is rather knotty, might want to get the kids outta the room...  ba dum psh.

See what I mean? Do you have 80's scarves from your mom laying around? Have you done anything similar with fabric or scarves turned into jewelry? Do you plan out your outfits the night before too?

In other news, guess who's an official crawler?

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