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Am I Making a Mistake?

I need your help. My confidence in my eye for style is being shaken and I need your opinion. This is my story.

It all started when I got my hands on this painting. I was working on resurrecting my Gallery Wall that bit the dust when we painted the living room, and I was on the prowl for cheap/free art when I came across it in my parent's garage. I thought I'd scored big! Vibrant original art that worked with my color scheme? Yeah baby! I took it home and hung it in the hall before you could say nail gun.

Here it is, hangin' in the hall.

However, it was only up for a day or two before my usually supportive hubby said, "Hmm, I'm not a fan..." Which was code for, "I think you've lost your mind, that thing is horrific!" And then one of my best friends stopped by for a visit, and after chatting on the couch for an hour asked me, "Ah...what is that?" which was code for, "Why, Alyssa, why?".

That's two for two- both my most trusted advisers (hubby and BFF) are not into this painting. People who I know who aren't afraid to tell me the truth, in love.  So you see my dilemma, I love it (or thought I did...) and my loved ones hate it.

Ok, I KNOW I have lost my objectivity in this matter. It hung in my grandparents dining room for decades, and as a child I just accepted it's unique little self, never giving it much thought until I unearthed it a week ago.

Where it be hangin' in reference to the living room.

So you be the judge. Help a sistah out! First, can you tell what the painting is of (popular guesses include an oven ready turkey and a giant fish with legs)? And, second, have I missed the mark by hanging this turkey-fish freak-of-nature statement in my home? Is this a darn good piece of art that mere mortals just don't seem to appreciate?? You can be honest, I'm a big girl. You may be saving me from a life of shame and infamy, and I'm always down to avoid infamy.

 Oh, and don't worry about wounding my ego or insulting my great uncle's memory either (he doesn't know we're having this conversation, and I'm not telling). My only thought has been, "Yes! free art that goes with my decor," versus, "how sweet, a freakasaurus painting from my childhood".
And even if it doesn't stay up on the walls, I will definitely still keep it in the family, just maybe not so front and center for all to gawk at admire.  

Is this a case of  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? Set me straight girls, I'm counting on you!

<3 Alyssa
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