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Am I Making a Mistake?: UPDATE and REVEAL!

Now that the (almost) universal verdict is in, it's time for the conclusion to all this "fishy" drama. If you missed it, I wrote about this painting last week, asking for advice. I found it in my parents' garage, done by a great uncle that's been in the family for years (the painting, and the uncle actually...). I thought it was cool, matched my colors, and it was FREE! So I hung that puppy up toot sweet.

 But after some skeptical comments, I got a little worried I'd lost touch with normalcy. So I turned to you guys for your opinion. This is what some of you had to say,

"I feel really, really bad saying this and I almost didn't comment...but I do not like it. I wish it were a little more weird, then it could be an ironic art statement:0) What is it? It looks like a turkey butt!" - Melissa @ No.2 Pencil

"Are you saying that I'm a mere mortal with no taste?? ;) lol. I agree with Melissa on this one. It might work if it was a bit more weird. But I think it's trying really hard to be normal and beautiful...and it’s just kind of painful to watch. Sorry my dear, it’s gotta go. :)" -Denay (the BFF!) :)

The Painting is unusual, I thought it was a Fish also but the back legs are strange. I think it would look better if you had other pictures, picking up the same colors in the painting around it.It just stands out too much alone there, but if you like it, that's all that matters...." -Anonymous

"Yo sista! It's yo sista~!
I think it's the FRAME! Darken that puppy up and it will look alot better!" -Valerie Wine (yes, Wine as in my sister-in-law)

 If you got in on the fun, thank you for your honest opinion! I appreciate every comment, and for gently answering my doubts with a big fat YES! (Jason was quite pleased by the way, that you agreed with his original assessment). You earned major husband points, guys :).  With adjectives like, weird, painful, strange... a girl can take a clue.

You'll be pleased to know it no longer is hanging in the hall, and won't be making an appearance ever again!

it's time to reveal what this painting is SUPPOSE to be. I'm shocked no one guessed its true identity! It's SOOOO obvious. Ready? (we already ruled out turkey butt)

It's one of these guys:

a fish fish bowl! Still not so sure? How's this...

Do you see it now? I can't explain the spilled glass, maybe it adds suspense? And so, friends, the conclusion to the matter is:

I close with the shameless baby pic. Maybe Andrew can redeem us from this ugly fest.
<3 Alyssa

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