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Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

There is a fabulous party going on over at, the Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I'm new to this party, but here's the basic idea- this is a way for fellow mom bloggers to introduce themselves and make new friends! You can join in by writing a "party post" of your own (introducing yourself and your blog) and linking up here. It ends Friday, 4/20, so hurry if you want to participate :).

So here goes. (ahem... mi, mi, mi... is this thing on?)
Hi. I'm Alyssa Wine, I'm a 27 year old married mommy, and I'd rather be doing it myself. (That's D.I.M. for short, but I like D.I.Y. better.) 

I'm also kind of a goof ball. 

I'm married to my first ever boyfriend, Jason and we are blessed with a 7 month old baby boy, Andrew Carter, who rocks our life in all the best ways:). 

My mom's blog is the best!
So Cal natives, we bought our first house November 2010. It had potential (potential, as in what you call something freakishly ugly when you're trying to be nice).  Faced with an empty (read ugly) shell, and not a lot of mulah lying around, I had to get creative. And I kinda got bitten by the DIY bug. I thought, 

why spend $200 on gorgeous, yet expensive Capiz Shells when you can make your own using bubble wrap

Why pay $50 for Vinyl Wall Decals when I can cut my own out of Painter's Tape for $FREE?

Do you ever feel that rush when you figure out how to something yourself for way less than you could have bought it in the store? Me too.

This blog is about bringing beauty to my world on a budget. That includes all things DIY, small home improvement projects, arts and crafts, decorating, and photography. But what this is really about is STINKING IT TO THE MAN (the retail man),  STEALING (doing stuff for so cheap it feels illegal), and SNEAKING (sneaking thrifted, 99 cent store finds into classy decor). Bling bling minus the cha-ching.

I'd be tickled to have you share this journey with me:). Thanks for stopping by, it's good to meet you. Feel free to link up to your blog in the comments, and happy Blog Party!

<3 Alyssa
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