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Happy Easter from the Wines!

Happy Easter from the Wine fam!

What a crazy/ busy/ wonderful morning! We got to church extra early to set up the decor, including the Easter Swag I made this weekend. Our church, Summit Bible Church, rents out a pretty awesome community center to hold our service, and not having a place to call our own means carting everything in and out every Sunday! It's a lot of work, but it's a blessing to be a part of something like this, especially on a day like today, Easter!

I grabbed a few shots with my phone, once we had set up all the frillies. Thank you to my great crew, Destiny and Savannah!

I was so excited to find moss in a 6 in. wide ribbon. The perfect wrapping the vases.

There it is! I thought I could hook it onto the pulpit with Command Strip hooks, but it would NOT stay! I ended up improvising with clear packing tape instead. Hence the well placed yellow ribbon, hiding the evidence. What tape? I see no tape.

 View from afar,

Right now I'm enjoying the quiet before everyone comes over for a family dinner at our place. How are you celebrating today? I can only think of one other thing that would make today simply perfect:
<3 Alyssa

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