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Easy Easter Swag

Easter is big deal in my family. I have so many memories growing up of putting on my brand new Easter dress, socks with the ruffles, shiny white shoes, and the ever important Easter hat. Coming out to the dining room where I was greeted by a table full of Easter baskets stuffed to the gills for me and my brothers. Driving to church with my family, and my little kid heart soaring as I listened to the beautiful music of choirs, ensembles, and solos. The powerful message from our pastor. And then family, food, and fun afterwards. Sigh,... good times:).

I want to make more memories of Easter with our family, with Andrew. We'll keep some old traditions and make some of our own. But Easter will always be a big deal to us :).

I have to pause here, to show you some pics from Andrew's 6 mo. Easter themed shoot.

I just love that boy <3. I might be a tad biased, but don't you think he's just the cutest kid in the entire world? :) I'll be posting more pics soon, along with a photo project I've been working on since he was born!

Anyway, back to this here swagging...

This is one of the pieces I'm preparing for our sanctuary, I'm not sure what to call it... a swag...arrangement thingie...?). I  don't work with silk flowers often, so I was glad this was so easy! This could also work as a Spring table centerpiece, door hanging, and a lot of other things!

  • Floral tape
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters (also for snipping the flowers apart)
  • Zip ties

1. Tie a few twigs or thin branches in a bow tie shape using floral wire. (If you don't want to bother with the rest of this, you could stop right here, and have the traditional (maybe...) Antlers of Easter! ok not so much) My antlers have about a 3 ft. wingspan.
Be jealous of my stick lashing skills, yo. Boy Scouts, eat your heart out. I used floral tape to keep the twigs exactly where I wanted them.

2. I cut my garland of yellow lilies in half, making two 3ft. pieces, and secured them in an "x". I attached them to the twigs with a zip tie.

(you can spot some residual paint from my impressionistic paintings still on the table cloth, hehe)

3. Same thing as with the twigs, I made a sort of bow tie with my purple flowers (lilacs?), tied them together, then added them to the swag with a zip tie. Lookin' good so far!

4. With more wire I wove the pink tulips into a sort of star burst or asterisk shape, and tied them to the arrangement.
Each layer is progressively shorter than the previous one. And, nothing is exact. The faux flowers are easy to tweak and shift even after they're secured onto the arrangement. 

5. I bunched up a few extra lilies and purple flowers into a bouquet and tied it with floral tape.

To attach the bouquet to the arrangement, I stuck a zip tie through the bouquet above the tape, and secured it to everything else.
(shame for not taking a pic of this step,  my doodle will have to suffice.)
And that's it! A little fluffing and floofing here and there to get things looking balanced and full, and there you go! Unless you went the antler route, then you're laughing at all us poor fools who kept going.

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. How does your family celebrate? Church, family gathering, Easter egg hunts, just plain chillaxing? Did you have socks with the ruffles too? Enjoy your sugar responsibly. No diabetic comas please.
<3 Alyssa

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