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DIY Drip Painted Pottery

Have you seen what they are doing to pots these day?
Dabito at Houzz
Heather at The Lovely Cupboard

livethemma (site is in Swedish)

What do you think of the drip look? Is it cool, or too messy? I am personally super into it, especially the   ones with "gravity defying" drips :). And, this is such an easy way to add interest to an everyday object.

I had this boring pot on the tv stand, and I wanted to add more color to that side of the room.

Here's how it all went down. The drips that is.

Two different paint colors (house or craft paint)
Paint brush
Sealer spray

Step 1.  Ready, Set, Prep. Make sure the pot is clean, especially if your was previously used like mine was. I washed it in the sink to get out the dirt clods, and let it completely dry in the sun.

Step 2. To Paint or not to paint? Apply the base coat. I did a half and half approach. I brushed on a coat of white, then sprayed on the second coat when I noticed the brush strokes were getting sloppy looking. Or skip the base color all together and keep things au naturale.

Step 3. Drip it! After the base coat dried, I applied a small puddle of yellow paint to the bottom (about the size of a quarter). I picked up the pot and tilted it until paint dripped down the side. After doing a few drips this way, I found it was easier to control (and used up less paint) if I held the bottle a few inches above the pot and squeezed out some paint so it landed right on the edge of the pot, letting it drip down right where I wanted.

 I worked my way around until I had the coverage I wanted.
If I could have a do-over, I'd try to keep the paint from dripping all the way down to the lip of the pot, and making a puddle. When the puddles dried it was hard to pick them off and they left rough edges around the lip. I used a fine grit sand paper to sand them down until it was smooth again.

Step 4. Seal the deal. The yellow paint had a matte finish and I didn't want it to get dingy. I sprayed on a coat of Krylon Sealer. This will also protect it from scratches.

Step 5. Enjoy the awesomeness! I let things seal up for a night. It's been rainy/gloomy for the past few days. The sun came out for exactly 60 sec. so I took these pictures!

Are you seriously in "like" with Clever Nest? 
Let's take things to the next step, and become a GFC follower! :)

 I'm loving the results:). It's something unexpected and fun, but understated at the same time.

I noticed my paint got some weird wrinkles in the drying process. Any idea what might have caused this? I'm guessing I applied the paint too thick? I wonder if using a different type of craft paint or using house paint like they did in one of the inspirations would yield better results. Humph.

As for the wrinkles, (let's call them character lines?) you can't really see them unless you get real close, like 6 inches away. And that would be kind of weird of you. Just sayin'.

This project cost me all of $4, buying the sealer spray. If you buy all the supplies, I'd say you're looking at about $6-$10 for the project. 
It's still gloomy around here. I don't mind, I actually really love the rain. So peaceful and fresh. It's just a little more difficult to get around with a 7 month old in a stroller in the rain, am I right Mommies? 
(insert shameless baby pic. Yes, I love this kid :)

Have a great weekend! And to stay connected with more Clever Nest fun,


UPDATE: Thank you Allison at House of Hepworths and Amy at One Artsy Mama for featuring my drippy pots!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

There is a fabulous party going on over at, the Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I'm new to this party, but here's the basic idea- this is a way for fellow mom bloggers to introduce themselves and make new friends! You can join in by writing a "party post" of your own (introducing yourself and your blog) and linking up here. It ends Friday, 4/20, so hurry if you want to participate :).

So here goes. (ahem... mi, mi, mi... is this thing on?)
Hi. I'm Alyssa Wine, I'm a 27 year old married mommy, and I'd rather be doing it myself. (That's D.I.M. for short, but I like D.I.Y. better.) 

I'm also kind of a goof ball. 

I'm married to my first ever boyfriend, Jason and we are blessed with a 7 month old baby boy, Andrew Carter, who rocks our life in all the best ways:). 

My mom's blog is the best!
So Cal natives, we bought our first house November 2010. It had potential (potential, as in what you call something freakishly ugly when you're trying to be nice).  Faced with an empty (read ugly) shell, and not a lot of mulah lying around, I had to get creative. And I kinda got bitten by the DIY bug. I thought, 

why spend $200 on gorgeous, yet expensive Capiz Shells when you can make your own using bubble wrap

Why pay $50 for Vinyl Wall Decals when I can cut my own out of Painter's Tape for $FREE?

Do you ever feel that rush when you figure out how to something yourself for way less than you could have bought it in the store? Me too.

This blog is about bringing beauty to my world on a budget. That includes all things DIY, small home improvement projects, arts and crafts, decorating, and photography. But what this is really about is STINKING IT TO THE MAN (the retail man),  STEALING (doing stuff for so cheap it feels illegal), and SNEAKING (sneaking thrifted, 99 cent store finds into classy decor). Bling bling minus the cha-ching.

I'd be tickled to have you share this journey with me:). Thanks for stopping by, it's good to meet you. Feel free to link up to your blog in the comments, and happy Blog Party!

<3 Alyssa
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Andrew Carter: Month by Month Photo Project

I've been working on this photo project of Andrew month by month since he was born. I can't believe 6 months ago we brought our little monkey, Andrew Carter, home from the hospital! Now I know what parents mean when they say that it goes by soooo fast.  I find myself amazed by how fast Andrew grows, learns, and how his personality blossoms, on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis! And, of course, I want to catch every minute of it on film. 

A little over 2 months ago now, I welcomed home another baby, of sorts. My new Canon Rebel T3 :) which I luuuuurve. 
It takes beautiful pictures, and I'm so glad I can now document our family with quality snapshots. (Click to see just how the picture quality compares to my old Casio and iPhone 4 camera, it's ridiculous.)

If you don't have a newbie human of your own to photograph, wouldn't this be a wonderful gift to do for a friend or family member? Maybe a surprise revealed on Baby's first birthday? Photo book of Baby's first year? People with good quality cameras can be a huge blessing to parents without! :)

I was inspired to do this project by the amazing Sheri of Young House Love. She explains how she did her photo shoots here

I followed the same basic steps. Here's how I did it.

  • Camera
  • White onesie
  • Small Human
  • Backdrop
  • Your favorite Photo editing software 

Step 1. Wardrobe! Grab your cute little subject and stick them in a white onesie. It can be any color, but I like white because it lets you focus on Baby's face, and gives all the pictures a consistent look.

Step 2. Set the stage.  Somewhere with an abundance of soft, natural light is ideal. I shoot at roughly the same time of day for similar lighting.  Fortunately Andrew's nursery was a good spot to shoot in mid afternoon. (I just learned about setting the white balance on my camera for even more color consistency. I'll have to figure it out and try it next time!)

 I draped a white sheet over his crib for my backdrop. You can use pretty much anything, a few yards of leftover fabric, a blanket, remnants from the discount rack at the fabric store. I liked using the wide sheet and having a large area to shoot in, especially as Andrew gets more mobile and squirmy.

Step 3. Snap Away :) I usually take between 40-90 shots, and end up with a hand full (5-10) of keepers. With babies, my motto is: more is better. If your camera has the ability to take "rapid fire" shots, that might give you an extra edge too, and capture that heart-melting smile at just the right millisecond. 

Step 4. Edit. There are a wide variety of photo editors to chose from ranging from simple to complex. Some come already on your computer like Windows Photo Gallery or iPhoto. You can download ones like Gimp and Picasa. You can also use online editors like PhixrSplash Up, and Pixler. I used Picnik for these photos, which ironically Google is closing on April 19th (whyyyyyyyy...?). I really like that program, and I'm pretty bitter it is being taken down! : /

Any editor you use should have all the basic editing tools needed. In broad terms, here's how I edit:
  1. Lighten exposure a bit
  2. Increase contrast a bit
  3. Usually increase color saturation
  4. Set tint color to "cooler" or more blue

I've found too much of a good thing is not a good thing when it comes to editing photos. Slight adjustments make for great results, while too drastic "improvements" make things look unnatural and decrease the image. So tweaky, tweaky, just don't get too freaky:).

How I add the the circle and number:
  1. Select a circle shape, and center it over Andrew's chest.
  2. Select a color for the circle.
  3. Fade the circle slightly (so I can see the wrinkles of his shirt underneath, and it looks more like it is printed on his onesie).
  4. Add the number with a text box, in Impact font. Size it so that it pretty much fills up the circle.
  5. Turn the number so it lines up with Andrew's face.
  6. Pick the shade of white for the number based on Andrew's onesie (so it looks more like it's on the shirt). Picnik had an eyedropper tool to select a color by pointing to it.

Here is Andrew's first 6 months!

I also made a second version of the pictures, adding milestones and details about his development:

6 months down, 6 to go! What do you think? Any tips/suggestions? I plan to take these monthly pics through his first year. Wouldn't it be cool to frame all 12 photos in one massive frame? Or as a wedding gift when Andrew gets married?? (ok, maybe not) :)

<3 Alyssa
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UPDATE: Thank you Kathryn at Destination: CraftKatie at Creatively Living, and Alexis at We Like To Learn as We Go  for featuring my photo project!

Happy Easter from the Wines!

Happy Easter from the Wine fam!

What a crazy/ busy/ wonderful morning! We got to church extra early to set up the decor, including the Easter Swag I made this weekend. Our church, Summit Bible Church, rents out a pretty awesome community center to hold our service, and not having a place to call our own means carting everything in and out every Sunday! It's a lot of work, but it's a blessing to be a part of something like this, especially on a day like today, Easter!

I grabbed a few shots with my phone, once we had set up all the frillies. Thank you to my great crew, Destiny and Savannah!

I was so excited to find moss in a 6 in. wide ribbon. The perfect wrapping the vases.

There it is! I thought I could hook it onto the pulpit with Command Strip hooks, but it would NOT stay! I ended up improvising with clear packing tape instead. Hence the well placed yellow ribbon, hiding the evidence. What tape? I see no tape.

 View from afar,

Right now I'm enjoying the quiet before everyone comes over for a family dinner at our place. How are you celebrating today? I can only think of one other thing that would make today simply perfect:
<3 Alyssa

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Easy Easter Swag

Easter is big deal in my family. I have so many memories growing up of putting on my brand new Easter dress, socks with the ruffles, shiny white shoes, and the ever important Easter hat. Coming out to the dining room where I was greeted by a table full of Easter baskets stuffed to the gills for me and my brothers. Driving to church with my family, and my little kid heart soaring as I listened to the beautiful music of choirs, ensembles, and solos. The powerful message from our pastor. And then family, food, and fun afterwards. Sigh,... good times:).

I want to make more memories of Easter with our family, with Andrew. We'll keep some old traditions and make some of our own. But Easter will always be a big deal to us :).

I have to pause here, to show you some pics from Andrew's 6 mo. Easter themed shoot.

I just love that boy <3. I might be a tad biased, but don't you think he's just the cutest kid in the entire world? :) I'll be posting more pics soon, along with a photo project I've been working on since he was born!

Anyway, back to this here swagging...

This is one of the pieces I'm preparing for our sanctuary, I'm not sure what to call it... a swag...arrangement thingie...?). I  don't work with silk flowers often, so I was glad this was so easy! This could also work as a Spring table centerpiece, door hanging, and a lot of other things!

  • Floral tape
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters (also for snipping the flowers apart)
  • Zip ties

1. Tie a few twigs or thin branches in a bow tie shape using floral wire. (If you don't want to bother with the rest of this, you could stop right here, and have the traditional (maybe...) Antlers of Easter! ok not so much) My antlers have about a 3 ft. wingspan.
Be jealous of my stick lashing skills, yo. Boy Scouts, eat your heart out. I used floral tape to keep the twigs exactly where I wanted them.

2. I cut my garland of yellow lilies in half, making two 3ft. pieces, and secured them in an "x". I attached them to the twigs with a zip tie.

(you can spot some residual paint from my impressionistic paintings still on the table cloth, hehe)

3. Same thing as with the twigs, I made a sort of bow tie with my purple flowers (lilacs?), tied them together, then added them to the swag with a zip tie. Lookin' good so far!

4. With more wire I wove the pink tulips into a sort of star burst or asterisk shape, and tied them to the arrangement.
Each layer is progressively shorter than the previous one. And, nothing is exact. The faux flowers are easy to tweak and shift even after they're secured onto the arrangement. 

5. I bunched up a few extra lilies and purple flowers into a bouquet and tied it with floral tape.

To attach the bouquet to the arrangement, I stuck a zip tie through the bouquet above the tape, and secured it to everything else.
(shame for not taking a pic of this step,  my doodle will have to suffice.)
And that's it! A little fluffing and floofing here and there to get things looking balanced and full, and there you go! Unless you went the antler route, then you're laughing at all us poor fools who kept going.

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. How does your family celebrate? Church, family gathering, Easter egg hunts, just plain chillaxing? Did you have socks with the ruffles too? Enjoy your sugar responsibly. No diabetic comas please.
<3 Alyssa

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