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Living room and stairs After!

It's Time for the Big Reveal!
We've been working so hard redoing our stairs, adding wall molding, and painting that this has been the biggest home improvement job we've tackled since moving in! 

I've lamented my unsafe and ugly stair railing it seems forever. One of our biggest "To Do" projects this year was to take out the old rusted railing and replace it with safer, higher half walls before Munchkin figured out how to stick his head through the bars. While we were at it, (and while my living room was a disaster zone) I decided to move forward with one more big project near to my heart-

de-beige-ing the living room.

I Have A Beige Problem
I seriously needed to undo the matchy matchy madness I had created in my living room.
 Let's remember the previous state of affairs:

Somewhere along my quest to create a cohesive living room, I went terribly wrong.  I ended up with the same EXACT shade of tan on the wall, couch, furniture and rug. That's 3 dimensions of beige if you were counting.

I could try to defend myself, and explain how I had just over a week to pull this entire house together, picking flooring, couches, and paint for the first time in my life, on a budget. Shall we say, I played it safe much?

But what is done is done, and it is high time I subdued my Beige Palace and brought some contrast and life and COLOR!!

Breathing in Some Life

As you can see, I didn't eradicate the beige completely. I'm still a fan of neutrals since my color preferences change often and it's so easy to swap out accents and accessories for a completely different look. Furniture, floors, and fixtures, not so easy (or cheap).

Now I have just the contrast and pop of color I so desperately needed with lighter walls, bold diy art, and a darker rug and furniture.

The Deets
Here's how I waged the Beige Wars.

  • A fresh coat of  Behr paint in Brown Bread on the lower portion of the molding. I used an egg shell finish.
  • Swapped out old furniture for an Ikea Kolsvic coffee table (they've been discontinued), a $20 find on Craigs List. I love that the top slides open and there's a hidden compartment for extra storage. Brilliant!

  • New (to me!) dark end tables for free from my gal pal Denay, who was also changing up her living room. Small world :)
  • Entry table, $79.99 from Ebay, with fun accents in turquoise, lime, and orange.

  • New Gorilla Shag Rug, $120 from Bed Bath and Beyond, after 20% off coupon. By the way, did you know BB&B honors expired coupons? :) . This lovey has a 1 1/2 inch pile, and me and Jason loooove it. It's soft enough to sleep on, (I had done it), and great for Andrew now that he's semi mobile. If I can't strap a helmet on that kid, this rug at least helps break his falls.
  • A fiddle leaf fig tree, or as he shall be known, Mr. Figgy. $45 from Armstrong Garden Center. I love the leaves, just right for my style. Not too beachy like a palm tree might be or too oriental like I think of bamboo. The shades of light and deep green bring more dimension and life (pun intended) to this room! He still needs a pot, poor naked tree.
  • Two gray and tan pillows, $13 each on clearance at Tar-jay (blue one I bought from Walmart a while ago). I needed something that would bring together the cream and gray tones going on and tie things nicely together. These guys do the job and are super comfy too.
  • Shoe storage basket, $39 from Tai Pan Trading Co. No more soooper attractive pile-o-shoes by our front door!
    • Lamps. I kept my old side lamps, but spruced them up with a fresh coat of Rustoleum Anodized Bronze (looks like charcoal to me) to match the new color scheme. 

    I'm incredibly stoked by the way this room has turned out! I've never had an "officially finished room to show off before! :) Now let's see how the stairs and molding turned out.

    Re "Stairing" Order
    Let's remember (or let's not) how bad things started out.

    Suffice to say it was NOT what we wanted at all. Now, I can dwell happily on this sight.

    A huge difference! The new walls are a full foot and a half taller than the old railing. See how much less of the office door is visible on the second floor? We also love the privacy it offers upstairs. Guests used to be able to see into our bedroom from the living room couch! That wasn't awkward : /.
    By the way, RIP gallery wall : (. It bit the dust in the painting process. But that's ok, this way I'll have a chance to redeem myself and maybe learn from my mistakes and do things right this time.
    sniff, sniff... ok moving on.
    Our new molding wraps all the way around the room.

    We love how the lighter paint brightens up the whole space, and the new stairs and molding bring a heap more sophistication to the room. *happy dance*

    What Did It Cost?
    Total for this project, not including construction work-
    $50 Paint
    $20 Coffee Table
    $0 End tables
    $80 Entry Table
    $120 Rug (after coupon)
    $45 Fig Tree
    $26 Throw Pillows
    $39 Shoe Basket

    $380! Definitely the most expensive redo to date at Casa de Wine, but well worth it. One final look at the old. Goodbye old!

    Have you ever gotten yourself into a form of matchy madness? What have you done to change things up? 
    <3 Alyssa
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