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Clever Nest is on Facebook and YouTube :)

As you have probably noticed, I'm rather new to this blogging thing. I started doing it last summer, pretty casually at first, and didn't start seriously keeping up with it until this winter. I've been on a huge learning curve of all things bloggy! How to write better, what I should talk about, and technical stuff like linking up sites, videos, tweeting, and friending, oh my.

I've added a few things to all that is Clever Nest. I kept it on the D.L. for awhile (working out the bugs) and though they're far from complete, they're up and running and ready to share with ya! Now you can find me on:


Yay! If you're the 'booking, tubing, or tweeting kind, stop by and say, "hey"! if you feel so inclined. And to start things off, here's the first video on my YouTube channel. This is an "update" on my living room project that I took last week.

Since I took this, the painting is DONE!! Praise the Lord. I'm scooting furniture, dusting, and hanging stuff back up on the walls. And later this week it should be ready for the big reveal! :)

Do you blog? How do you manage all the web has to offer? Do you use a web designer, code your own sites? Any advice for a newbie blogger, a newber, a blewbie... ; / like me?

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