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Paint Chip Art Fail

I was all set to write about our stairs renovation, but that will have to wait, cause this takes precedent!! Keep reading! :)

We all would like to believe that every attempted craft turns out beautifully, just like the picture in the magazine, but unfortunately (and sometimes hilariously) that is not the case. There is a special hall of shame I discovered for such projects when I was tracking down the source of this picture of a colossal cupcake catastrophe-
I can finally look at it without going into that crying laughter where no sound comes out. 
 Craft Fail , this site is always good for a laugh, and some encouragement that I am not alone in the occasional artsy disaster. They even have a page called Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong. If you're a Pinterest-er, you can appreciate this!

Recently I tried some Paint Chip Art for our bedroom. And when you see the pictures, you won't be surprised that it didn't make this blog. (Although, from now on I think I'll post any flops, right along with the successes, to keep things honest, and hopefully entertaining for you :) It looked easy enough, what could go wrong?

Usually it's an honor to have one's work featured on another website.  Unless of course that work was a certifiable "flop" and the website it was featured on is called Craft Fail. I submitted this project a few weeks ago and was tickled to find it on their home page today! Haha
Here's the full sad story.

This is supposedly the easiest, no brainer diy art ever, right — colorful paint chip art. Glue down pieces of paper. Kindergartners do this on a regular basis.

I, however, could not pull it off.
Surely some substitutions wouldn’t ruin the whole thing.
My critical error was using a restickable glue stick instead of the regular kind. I was impatient, didn’t want to go buy the right kind of glue, and, it’s just going in a frame behind glass, how much durability did it need anyway?
Things started shifting and falling off soon after I finished gluing.
I had put a design on top that I decided I didn’t like (you can see where the glue smudges are) and I thought I could easily rip off. Not. Several pieces came off with it. And at that point I knew it was all over.
Well I was so mad I just threw the whole thing away, lol. I probably will try again, this time with the right kind of glue, and planning my design a little better!
From: Alyssa @ MyCleverNest
 To see it on the website, follow this link

Well, yay for my first "featured" work, haha, I think :) Tell me I'm not alone in this, any flops you would like to admit to as well? hmm?

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