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Post Season Bargain Hunting

That makes me happy :) Nothing like prepping for Christmas 11 1/2 months in advance! Now that I think of it, it's nice that I haven't gotten our Christmas boxes back up in the garage yet. My new additions can be packed up and stored with the rest of our collection, and then, 11 months from now, I'll open them back up to rediscover what I bought for this year. Its kind of like sending myself a present, in the future.

What with having a 3 month old baby boy, a winter cold or two, and husband at home on Christmas vacation, I didn't get as much of a drop on the post- holiday deals as I wanted this time around. But I still was able to find some great deals late in the game, from Wal Mart (heck yes, I shop there) and JoAnn.

At Wal Mart, I snapped up this silver soap dispenser that I had been eyeing.
Originally $5, bought it for $1.50. It's suppose to resemble an ornament I'm sure (there were red, green, and gold ones too), but I'm auditioning this one as a permanent resident for our downstairs bathroom. I used to have a stainless steel dispenser in there, but the darn thing rusted and became gross. Is that normal? I thought stainless steel was the good stuff? Anyway I've been looking for something shiny, inexpensive, and non stainless steel to replace it ever since. And this fit my bill perfectly. Now that I think about it, why didn't I buy two? : / *head to desk*.

At JoAnn, this sign beckoned me from the parking lot. It was like a fat kid and cake.

There was a lot of leftovers to choose from, but my big problem is, I haven't exactly solidified my holiday style yet. Not shabby chic, not bright neon colors, not Santas and snowmen. So, still a little unsure, I played it safe with a few basics. I pictured this pine bough ($6.99 down to $2.10) hanging from a door, probably spiced up with some ribbon and berries(?).

 This silver wired ribbon (12 ft for $4.99, discounted to $1.50) has lots of potential, I like to keep my eyes peeled for stuff that could work for everyday decor as well as holiday.

And lastly, my favorite, meet Mr. Twiggy.

Hello, lovely. <3 At $12.99 on sale for $3.96, he had me at twiggy. I love his shape, the cool, quirky, mod styling, and I can see him potentially painted bright red, as an addition to my mantle next year. 

 I wish there had been more of his herd still left waiting for a good home, but I'm happy I at least got this guy. C'est la vie.

So those were my finds this time around. Do you go bargain hunting for next year too? Find anything good? Do you have a Christmas "style"? 

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