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New Year's Resolutions

Time for fresh starts, new goals, and, the end of the world (?) : / . Maybe not, but one thing is for sure, I've got a big ol' set of plans for projects I want to accomplish around here, and I will definitely be diy-ing like the end is near!
Now for the grand (and hopefully not too tedious) List ...list... list *echo*. I added a few "dream goals" here and there that most likely won't happen this year, or ever. Maybe if we win the lottery. I'll keep them on just in case.

Living Room:
     We just rearranged things in here to accommodate our new (to us) flat screen (!). Woohoo, gotta love in-laws!:) So things are already in transition. We re-purposed our hutch-turned-buffet from the dining room to be our new entertainment stand and rearranged the couches.
  • Storage baskets for window box
  • Hem curtains (never got around to that)
  • Add drapery wand to curtains
  • Shoe storage solution
  • Shelves for the window wall?
  • Repaint or replace front door
  • Fix leak under window, repair drywall. More on that hot mess in this entry, under the front door pic.
  • Refinish entertainment stand
  • Art for behind the front door like this beauty? --->
  • New rug, diy?
  • Buy two end tables
  • Add real or fake plant to corner
  • Repaint walls light cream  (still trying to de-beige this room), and add molding
  • Makeover existing hall mirror
  • Buy/ make storage unit to divide Living and Dining rooms?
  • Add gallery wall to hall

Dining Room:
  • Replace buffet with other "I-can-throw-my-junk-here" furniture
  • Paint accent wall deeper green. When I lightened the side walls in here, the light green accent wall pretty much disappeared on me. : / 
  • Buy 2 coordinating chairs (to replace the two mismatched ones)
  • <---Buy a really cool table cloth like this

  • Make a garden wall--->?
  • Repaint walls light cream
  • Buy and install blinds
  • New window valance?
  • Art for over stove
  • **Dream Goal** Refinish cabinets, new hardware, concrete counter top, new sink, new dishwasher... I better just stop now

Fireplace Room:

  • Paper Dahlia art for side wall?->
  • <---Make giant ruler
  • **Dream Goal #1** Someday turn this into a family room, add computer/tv, couch, comfy chair
  • **Dream Goal #2** Replace rug (sigh,an expensive purchase that I soon regretted)

Laundry Room:
  • Add window treatment
  • Finish painting
  • Add light fixture--->
  • Come up with laundry basket solution (it's like playing chess in here. Move one basket in, move one out, lift over something, set on washer, etc... no bueno)
  • Come up with broom storage solution (status quo- think a mop, broom, and swiffer teepee stacked in the corner)
  • Nice rug?
  • Spice up the cabinets?

If all goes as planned, this should be our most dramatic transformation of all!
  • Remove old, dangerously low, old,  rusty railing with gaps in the bars perfect for child-sized appendages and/or noggins
  • Replace with  much safer and HIGHER half walls and hand rails
  • Carpet the stairs 
  • Re-hang pictures

Master Bedroom:

I'm hopeful this room will also see a dramatic change!
  • Move Andrew into nursery
  • Change color scheme to gray, yellow, and turquoise like this, this, and this yummy inspiration
  • Buy new comforter and add decorative pillows
  • New side lamps
  • Some DIY art for beside the door
  • Dye curtains yellow??
  • **Dream Goal** swap out granny furniture for something sleek and modern... Craigslist here I come :)

Master Bath:
  • <---Change color scheme to match bedroom
  • New shower curtain
  • New curtains
  • New rugs
  • Do something with existing light fixture
  • New art?
Upstairs Bath:
  • Add "Rubber Ducky" lyrics to walls (paint/decal)
  • Get cool, kid appealing shower curtain
  • Add mirror (who needs to see their face in a bathroom anyway?)
  • **Dream Goal** Repaint cabinets, add new hardware

Front Yard:
  • Replant flower bed, replace summer casualties in flower bed
  • Add seasonal wreaths to front door--->
  • **Dream Goal** Subdue side hill, remove dead trees, fix fences

Whew! there it is. This gets me all fired up and I want to start in on it right now! I know it will take more than just 2012 to tackle all this, but it will be fun to check back here every so often to see what progress I'm making. Good luck with your resolutions!

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