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Just for Fun

I'm in the middle of about 6 projects, and not finished with any of them yet ; ) So I thought I'd post some DIY slash Alyssa truisms that make me smile. Hope you enjoy!
Definitely the random internet surfing! Mostly on Pinterest or Google image search.

This is what makes me accomplish half of what I try. There is inevitably that moment in the middle of the project, where I look down and think, "Oh man, what am I doing?!" Then I have to tell myself everything will be ok, and it won't look like crap, or like a kindergarten project when I finish, haha :) And most of the time I'm at least half right, even if it's by pure determination :)

Totally agree! Haha, therefore my mission in life is to make my space as beautimous as I can. After all, I am a Mistress of my Domain, and that is one of my functions :)

Hopefully not entirely true. Let's just say projects often take long hiatuses in the office closet while I stew on exactly what I was thinking, or try to work up the will to dive back into something that was waaay more tedious than it looked. Like my toilet paper roll art for example... don't ask. A hint- dozens of pieces of toilet paper rolls, tacky glue, and not enough planning, lol. Maybe one of these days it will actually come to completion!

Ok, now for the grand finale. 

This pic just tickles my funny bone, and my hubby and I have spent more than one occasion looking at it, laughing like little girls, then looking at it again, and laughing more like girls. ;) All my DIYs that turn out like this definitely do not make the blog cut, lol, unless someday I do a blooper post of DIY's gone wrong. Hmm, that actually sounds entertaining...

Refinishing Laminate Furniture

Happy Labor Day! I was slightly hoping this might be my labor day, lol, at 37 1/2 weeks preggo, but it seems like our Andrew is quite content to stay put for now, so I'll share one of the things I've done in the nursery instead.

We voted on using the north most bedroom for baby land.

It has served as a guest bedroom and now band room (we're also musician types). Now it will be our kid room! :) Its come a long way from this photo, progress photos to come!
(Update: see the nursery "After" here!)

My sister-in-law Val, who is has 10x my ability to get a great steal,  snagged me a changing table for $10 (thank you Val!). I liked the shape of the rounded sides and it was pretty sturdy to boot.  This is the pic she sent me-
Its mostly wood laminate with real wood slats in the sides. My grand dream for the nursery was crisp, clean white furniture, like my inspiration pic from Amy at theb-line blog. Gah, I love everything about this room!!! 

I wanted to see if I could refinish this thing to make it white. I was scared, but my fearless sis-in-law assured me it could be done. I found a good tutorial via Pinterest from here that got me started. Here's how I did it.
  • "Very Fine" 220 grit sandpaper
  • Gardening Glove (to avoid buffing my fingerprints off while sanding, haha:)
  • 2 cans of Rustoleum American Accent Primer spray paint
  • 2 cans of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Semi Gloss spray paint
  • Rag
  • Mask

1. I disassembled the changing table so I could get at all the nooks and crannies. Then sanded down every surface lightly, just until white dust appeared and I could see white flecks on the surface. 

(Nothing quite says dainty like a hot pink dirty leather glove!)

 2. Then I wiped down everything with a clean cloth to remove the dust.

3. I popped on my mask (cause I'm preggo and don't want my baby to have more than two arms, legs, or eyes... respectively) and sprayed the pieces with the primer. I propped the pieces up against a board so I could still get the sides and some of the back in one pass.
**Special Bulliten** 
This is where I discovered why it is SO worth it to pay a few bucks extra for good spray paint! 
Maybe you already know this helpful tip, but for me, this life paradigm shift came when I ran out of my first can of Rustoleum, and figured I'd finish with a cheap-o can I already had. Check out the difference between ONE coat of Rustoleum primer, and TWO coats of the Cheapy!
I couldn't believe it.That's pretty incredible. I had always gone for the cheapest paint, thinking it was just as good, or nearly so, at a better price. But now I can see it takes more than double the paint to get the same coverage as the better brands like Krylon and Rustoleum! Plus the cheap-o brand left drips on the surface that I had to sand out before applying a second coat : /
So now I know it's worth the $6 "splurge" (insert sarcastic laugh) on spray paint! (Although, I didn't completely sell out, I used 40% off coupons when I bought the cans at Michael's, so make that $3 a can)   
What step am I on...? uh...4 :)

4. Let primer coats dry. (I waited the recommended 48 hours, just to be safe. Although the can says you can spray a second coat within a few minutes, and it is dry to the touch in a few hours. I wasn't taking any chances). Once everything was dry, I sprayed on the semi gloss. I used one coat and waited another 48 hours before putting all the pieces together. And voila!

Update pic, with my new Canon Rebel :)
(I snapped more"After" pictures with my new camera here)

Off to its new home in the nursery! So far no scuffs of scratches, I guess time will tell. It looks like it worked to me! I had ideas of painting a fun green chevron pattern on the flat shelves. Maybe I still will. I figured at this point, with me ready to pop at any moment, it was better to have a working changing table in all white, than pieces in progress when baby arrives. :)
Have you attempted any laminate refinishes? Do you find the paint wears well, or starts scuffing off? Any alternate suggestions to spray paint?
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