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Christmasses... Past:)

I'm a bit behind, but I thought it was still worth it to post about our little Christmas, and show you how things looked around here for the past month. Besides, I worked so hard to put it all up, that I think it deserves just a little air time. :)

Another reason for a belated Christmas post is- people, THIS is the week to score some seriously discounted decor for next year! work it!  I always buy my new decorations after Christmas (though I did break my own rule and get a few things early this year). Anything that's left over on the shelves at this point is usually 70% off, and that means a lot more change left in my pocket and a lot more stuff up on my walls. I get a nice surprise every November when I take down the boxes from the attic, and discover what I'd bought for this year, last year :)

And now, a few pics around the house-

Our tree :) My family's tradition was to give each of us kids an ornament for something important that happened that year. When I got married, I carried on the tradition. It's neat to unwrap the ornaments one at a time, and remember what that particular one commemorates. This was our ornament for this year, celebrating our Andrew boy! I made extra as gifts for the fam. Glass ball ornaments + baby hand print = priceless! :)

Our mantle got some Christmas cheer as well,

One of the ornaments I've bought when me and my sweetie were dating. He wrote me a song about making castles in the sand :) I love my musician husband <3 good times.

 Our stockings were hung by the fire stairs with care. Since we really can't get to the fireplace (the room stores all our music gear) the stockings go in the living room. I tied each one to the rail with some red ribbon. One for me, Jason, Andrew, and Cooper respectively.

My last bit of decoration to share:

He's gonna kill me when he's 20, but I don't care! :) My poser boy loves to be nakie lol.

Merry Christmas! Hope it was wonderful, and here's to the New Year!
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