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Baby days :)

I'm ba-aack!
lol, I ended up taking a month-and-a-half break from blogging for a very good reason, our son Andrew Carter was born! I'm loving mommy life and seeing him change so fast before my eyes.

Welcome to the world, Andrew! :) He's our little munchkin, and after 24 hours of labor, he arrived perfectly healthy. I can't believe how much he's grown just in the last month!

I'm totally copying Sherri from Young House Love's idea of taking pictures all throughout the first year. She took them every week, I'm not that hard core, so I'll try to keep up with it every month! Check out her finished product here. Here's our first month installment:

And another,

Not sure which I like better yet. I'm hoping to get a better camera this month (thanks to my Sweetie!), I figure now that Andrew's here I don't want to be taking grainy, crap, out of focus shots anymore! I'm excited! :) I'll post when I actually take the plunge and make the purchase. 

Looking forward to blogging more regularly from now on! Between feedings and changings and flirting with my little guy, I actually have managed to continue diy-ing. Tata for now,

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