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Fast forward: Master Bedroom and Hall Bath Progress

Back to our story.
After that crazy week of renovating, we moved in. Crazy is literally how I felt, for this newly wed gal who had only known her bedroom and tiny apartment up til then was deciding paint colors, carpet, and tile for a 2000 square foot house!

Thankfully almost everything worked out great. That is until I realized that having the nice people at Home Depot "match" a paint color from an expensive brand to a cheaper brand had its risks. And the outcome was that my "warm sand" color I'd picked for the majority of the walls actually came out a much darker color. And that I'd just spent $500 on supplies to have my dear friends paint almost my whole interior, well, brown.

Gah. This began what is still a long process of color correcting (especially difficult when there's 2 story vaulted walls involved). <Sigh>... More on that later. (Sorry for the dusty picture, guess the dust literally had settled, on the camera lens :P )

Fast forwarding 20 months, lets see some progress pics! Starting with the Master Bedroom.
I went with red, orange, and aqua as the main colors. The poppy painting above the bed is from my super talented friend, Tracy. <Thank you Tracy!> I love the way it came out, and incorporates all the colors of the room. We have plans for a DIY wooden headboard. (insert feeble attempt at photoshopping). 
We'll see how that moves up the Honey Do list. lol. The side lamps are freebies from my parents, and begging for a makeover. I have my ideas... currently involving glass aquarium beads, gorilla glue, and silver spray paint. Mua ha ha. Stay tuned.

The bedroom set, also inherited from family is gorgeous, but definitely not where I'd like to take the room. Something much darker and with more modern lines. The curtains are cheapies from WalMart, and may be receiving a stenciled paint treatment one of these days.

Best 99 Cent store find EVER= the Love is Patient word decals by our door! Still can't believe I got it for a buck. Frame by the door is awaiting a paint chip art treatment. I didn't realize til this picture the odd empty space behind the door. I think its saying, "I need a full length mirror" (that is, if walls could talk).

My armwar... armuar... armoire. I framed our wedding picture along with both our parent's, in pretty much the same pose.  :) 
So recaping- here's the before and current situation:

Next, in no particular order, is the hall bathroom. This will soon become the kiddo bathroom.

 This pretty much sums up my partiality to greens- green walls, green shower curtain, green candles and plant, green rugs... and even a green toilet brush.

Pictures don't lie. The aged, dirty vanity is mocking me. You will be refinished, mark my words.
Yeah, its really bad.

DIY Rubber Ducky art, I just think it's fun :) I think I want to redo the background to be the lyrics from "Rubber Ducky" the Sesame St. song, "Rubber Ducky, you're the one, do do do do..."

Biggest need= a mirror! I'm still on the lookout for an unbelievably cheap and great looking framed mirror. Almost bought one today for $23, but I think I can do better. No one really uses this bathroom yet, so I have a little time to keep hunting.

Here's the old and the present:

Next post= Living room, dining room, and stairs.
<3 Alyssa
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