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Home sweet house

Me and my Sweetie bought our 3 bedroom, 2 bath two-story house a little over a year and a half ago. Coming from a 900 square ft. apartment, this was definitely going to be a task of champions to transform it into the modern, chic, design oasis I imagined. Not to mention a decor budget consisting of spare change and pure will.

Here's what we had to work with:

A real eye catcher :)

View from the front door

We had 10 golden days between the end of our lease and getting the keys to our castle, so we worked like dogs, and with the help of our fabulous friends and family, cleaned, painted, and floored the ENTIRE place. 
Our bestie friends Ryan and Denay painting in the Fire Place Room. 

Nathan (above) had on an, "Extreme Makeover Home Edition"shirt, haha. That's certainly what it felt like!

My sweetie, Jason, performing the Dance of the Painter's Tape.

...and me, praying I'd make it to the end.

Did we survive? 

Did our friends hate us after all their slave labor help?

What does it look like after all that work??

To be continued...

UPDATE: for some updated room shots, check out my living room, dining room, and nursery:)

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